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QB Taysom Hill, NO

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3 minutes ago, phowler13 said:

I’ve been back and forth between him and Burrow. Was hoping to hear some kind of news this morning to push me one way or another. 

As someone who's watched every WFT snap this year, while I do think our defense will sack Burrow MULTIPLE times, our secondary has also given up several big players/long TDs. I would expect Burrow to have at least 2 long TDs today. 

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He has looked decent throwing the ball to me. A few good long throws. And a couple of his incompletions were drops.


just had a 57 yd td To sanders called back for holding; a slight under throw rather than hitting the wr in stride but not bad for a long ball and made it over the coverage.


edit: he’s not prime Brees accurate but the Tebow comparisons seem unfounded

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It’s obvious he’s got an extra kick on his throws. A few drops today that looked like players not expecting the ball to be thrown that hard, Michael Thomas and Kamara. He looked good and could have had a much better game.... I’ll stick with josh allen next week but am holding Hill 

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1 minute ago, beef said:

Taysom killed Kamara's dump off stats.

This won't be a permanent thing.



From the game thread:

Keep in mind, that was Taysom Hill’s very first NFL start. Today should not represent Taysom’s ceiling ... though I’ll be interested to see how Sean Payton adjusts the offense to counter what defenses do once they start breaking down Hill’s film.


Part of Payton's adjustments will be to reincorporate Kamara -- opposing defenses can't sell out against Kamara as hard as they are used to.

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8 minutes ago, az_prof said:

As long as he can run some TDs he is going to be good in fantasy. I am still not sold on him as a long term NFL QB though.  He has a strong arm but he tends to throw to his first target and doesn't go far into his progressions.  

Agreed I’m not sold yet and teams may well figure him out with more film. No idea if he’s the answer but it did answer some of my questions about him and I think it’s a significant “stock up” moment 

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7 minutes ago, RushHour said:

Maybe he started over Jameis because he's better (despite what twitter and the talking heads said all week). Crazy thought hey.

I didn’t see the game but I feel like he has a similar, yet lesser, skill set as Lamar Jackson.  Not as dynamic as a runner but I haven’t seen Taysom throw enough to compare passing ability vs. Lamar. 

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10 hours ago, RushHour said:

Maybe he started over Jameis because he's better (despite what twitter and the talking heads said all week). Crazy thought hey.

I’ll have to admit he looked much better than I anticipated. I’m glad I added him in two dynasty leagues despite thinking he would fail.

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4 hours ago, SoBeDad said:

If Hill continues to look good, Brees might not appear in uniform until the playoffs. Like with Griese in the 1972 perfect season when he broke his leg early in the year and Earl Morrall guided the team to perfection until the playoffs. 

Or when Gannon went 5-1 after taking over for an injured Grbac (who started the first nine games) earning the #1 seed. Grbac came back for the meaningless last game of regular season. Grbac then started the playoff game...

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42 minutes ago, Yenrub said:

Is Hill vs Broncos a better play than Lamar vs Steelers or Tannehill vs Colts?

Might be league-dependent ... but in my CBS leagues, the Colts and Steelers are the #2 and #3 defenses in limiting opposing QBs' fantasy points. The Broncos, who Hill will be facing, is 14th.

For our league, CBS has Taysom Hill projected as the 11th-best QB, with Jackson at 15 and Tannehill at 18.

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NFL Week 11 Recap and Highlights: What Taysom Hill’s performance means



New Orleans Saints QB Taysom Hill looked great on the stat sheet — and pretty darned good at times on the field — while leading the team to a 24-9 victory over the Atlanta Falcons and upping the team’s record to 8-2 in Week 11. That performance vindicates Sean Payton’s decision to start Hill over Jameis Winston while Drew Brees is on injured reserve, and it also proves that Hill really is a potential franchise quarterback, right? 

NFL Recap knows a one-game (or maybe two or three-game) wonder when we see one, and it sure looks to us like Payton and the Saints are playing a very dangerous game of smoke and mirrors while trying to manufacture a few victories behind the polarizing Hill.

Saints QB Taysom Hill sputtered in his first four possessions, but the Saints defense held the Falcons (playing without Julio Jones for much of the afternoon after he left the game early with a groin injury) to three field goals and a 9-3 lead. A 45-yard Hill completion to Emmanuel Sanders that looked like a video game glitch — the ball was so underthrown that it appeared to have caromed off the Superdome roof, and Sanders fielded it like a punt — set up a three-yard Alvin Kamara touchdown run to give the Saints a 10-9 lead before halftime. 

The Saints then took control of the game as the second half fell into a pattern: Their defense forced a Falcons three-and-out, and Hill punctuated ball-control drives with rushing touchdowns. Even when Taysom Hill fumbled at the end of a long run to give the Falcons a chance to claw their way back into the game (and Julio limped onto the field for a clutch fourth-down conversion, then limped off), Janoris Jenkins intercepted a Ryan pass to squash a rally before it could really start.

Hill finished 18-of-23 passing for 233 yards, with 10 rushes for 51 yards and two touchdowns, while Michael Thomas caught nine passes on 12 targets for 104 yards. The Saints defense held the Falcons to 248 yards of offense and sacked Ryan eight times. 

Hill, a 30-year old, fourth-year Wildcat/Slash type who is an undiscovered Lamar Jackson upgrade to some and a methadone version of Tim Tebow to others, certainly looked like a “real quarterback” on Sunday. He looked better than Carson Wentz, for example, though a drunk who found a football in a dumpster after an all-day tailgate party could look better than Wentz right now. 

Taysom Hill was accurate when targeting Thomas in the 15-20 yard range and even had a touchdown bomb to Thomas nullified by a penalty. His running ability forced Falcons linebackers to stay at home when Hill was in the pocket, setting up some easy throws over the middle. Ironically, Hill’s worst pass was his longest pass: That fluky Sanders catch looked like the sort of thing that fooled Tebow’s fans into thinking biblical forces were at play, but it doesn’t really reflect how Hill played for most of the afternoon.

That said, the Saints QB was executing an obviously scaled-back game plan. Time and again, Payton sent a sixth lineman on the field and called some variation on a play-action pass to Thomas, working the middle of the field. If Thomas wasn’t open, Hill either just kept looking for Thomas, took off running (often for a minimal gain), or took a sack.

Mix in some end-arounds, direct snaps to Alvin Kamara, swing passes to Latavius Murray that turned into long gains and pass interference penalties to extend drives, and Hill befitted greatly from facing one of the NFL’s weaker defenses on a day when his own defense clamped down on a shorthanded opponent. If Hill was required to find a second read regularly or needed to keep pace in a shootout, Sunday’s result would have been very different. 

Was Payton right to start Hill instead of Winston? Probably. Payton likely wagered that a stripped-down game plan and the threat of some options would be all he needed to beat the Falcons, so it wasn’t worth the risk of one of Winston’s legendary multi-turnover meltdowns.

Does this mean Taysom Hill is a future franchise quarterback and all of his hecklers are wrong? Quite the opposite. When a 30-year old who has been in the NFL for four years needs the kind of game plan a coach might bust out for P.J. Walker or Jake Luton to score 24 points against a second-tier opponent, it’s a pretty good sign that he’s not a future franchise quarterback, but the sort of change-up backup who can get you through a couple of starts.

That’s all the Saints QB needs to be in 2020. The questions now become whether he’s better at reading defenses and making decisions than he looked on Sunday now that opponents have more film on him and whether Payton is just fooling his opponents with his clever game-planning or fooling himself in a way that could impact the Saints’ post-Brees future as well.

What’s next for Taysom Hill and the Saints?

A three-game road trip to visit the Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, and Philadelphia Eagles could result in three more wins built on sacks, turnovers, three-and-outs, and a keep-it-simple approach on offense. By then, Taysom Mania could be a thing. NFL Week 11 Recap cautions you not to get sucked into it.  

The Saints host the Kansas City Chiefs in Week 15, but perhaps they will get a healthy Brees in time for Christmas.


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