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Week 14 Questions For Bloom

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Mr. Bloom,

Playoffs are weeks 15 and 16. QB's are Winston and L Jackson. Can only carry 2. Their matchups aren't terribly inspiring. And still wonder if the Ravens will play Flacco, at some point. 

Would you drop Jackson for Josh Allen?  Essentially, rank Winston, Jackson, and Allen for weeks 15/16.



Also, please rank the below DST''s for weeks 15 and 16:







As always, thanks for your help.

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BLOOM! Shooting for upside here. 

PPR - lost Gordon, Conner and Breida. 

Starting both Ekeler and JJackson. 

1. FLEX (pick 1) - Fitzy, Riddick or Zay?

2. Starting Mahomes. Would you drop Lamar Jackson to pickup an upside stash like Penny, Freeman, Kelly, Edmonds, Rod Smith, Hamilton or Burkhead? Obviously worried someone picks him up to use against me in the next couple weeks. 


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Full PPR, I need to pick a 4th RB to start. I am already starting Barkley, McCaffrey. and Lindsay.

Would you go with Ekeler, Lamar Miller, or Justin Jackson? I am leaning towards the safety of Miller rather than getting caught up in the Chargers confusion.

The rest of my lineup is Roethlisberger, Edelman, Lockett, and Ebron.

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Pick 2 Flex:   Callaway vs Car / Samuels @ OAK / A Rob vs LAR / Z. Jones vs NYJ / Jordan Howard vs LAR

TE:  Cook vs Pit or Engram @ Wash

.5 PPR:

Fournette @ Ten / Chubb vs Car / Mixon @ LAC / Ware vs Bal ... I need 2

Defense: Broncos @ SF / Jax @ Ten / Seahawks vs MIN (I know, I've been hoarding) yard and points - need one

Thx as always

If we die, we die together!


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0.5 PPR, bonuses for 100+ yds rushing/receiving, 50+ yd TDs.


Miller, Wilson

AB, Golladay


White, Ware



Saints’ D is on waivers (would have to drop Hunt). Bench options include Gus, JGordon, Callaway, Brate.  

Make any moves or stay put? Thanks, Sig!

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Standard scoring:

Team 1:

Winston or Mayfield - Winston has been solid 2 straight weeks but is the Saints a big banana skin? Mayfield inconsistent to say the least but throwing a lot.

Need 2 from DJ (spooked by Edmonds), Chubb (do they commit to him properly this week?) and Ware (tough matchup but an extra week of reps).

M.Thomas or A.Humphries - normally wouldn't be a question but Thomas banged up and unproductive lately, Humphries very productive

DEF - Broncos or Chiefs? Broncos good matchup but road game, Chiefs at home but Ravens could run on them a ton

Team 2:

Winston or Rivers

Need 3 from Lindsay, Mixon, Cook, Ekeler, J.Jackson, J.Samuels, AP


I know that's a lot so thank you very much and good luck to you this week!

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Hey man, love your podcasts.

Please help choose two for FLEX spots from the following in a 0.5 PPR league:

M. Ingram

C. Sutton

K. Golladay

A. Ekeler

M. Goodwin

Quick comment on whether we're already well past Golladay's ceiling would be most awesome (given he's got nothing but shutdown corners ROS).

Thanks very much!


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12 team full ppr.project to virtual tie with opponent....

currently starting:


CMC, Ware,

Cooks, Cooper, 




DJ Moore, Curt Samuel, Gallup

Rex Burk, Rashaad Penny, Kenny Dixon

Wire is picked aside from usual suspects at TE....not loving aware, Hoop, or Kenny G...

Shoukd I shuffle the lineup or stand pat, Marcy Rossman Style?

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Alshon Jeffery question. It's crunch time, he's disappointed, and the matchups coming up are not promising. 

This week, he faces B. Jones and he did nothing last matchup against Dallas. Next week, the LAR and A. Talib are up.

The question: Should I drop Jeffery? If so, for whom?

Here are my current vs. available WRs:

* Current WRs: J. Gordon (@PIT, BUF), DJ Moore (NO, ATL), A. Jeffery (@LAR, HOU)

* Available WRs: Z. Jones (DET, @NE), M. Gallup (@INDY, TB), C. Conley (LAC, @SEA), D. Parker, J. Nelson (@CIN, DEN)

I'm stacked at RB and can start 3, so I really need two WRs each week. Thinking of rolling with J. Gordon and DJ Moore, but wouldn't mind having a capable WR to potentially rotate in during the final two weeks.

Worth dropping Jeffery for any of the available WRs? Was thinking Z. Jones. Buffalo and Allen seem like they're getting hot.

Or hang tight and pray?


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Thanks Sig,

                       FPC scoring:

                                                Need one of the following:

                                                                                               J.Richard vs Pitt

                                                                                               G.Tate @ Dall

                                                                                                C.Herndon @ Buff

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Thanks Sig, do or die time....

QB (pick2)

 Luck, Winston, Baker


WR3/Flex (pick 2):   0.5 ppr; +5 100 yds

TreQuan, Mike Williams, John Ross, Zay Jones, Spencer Ware, Chris Carson, Rashad Penny


Starting Kamara and Ingram as RB1/RB2; don't see starting ware, carson or penny over either, agree?

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Hey Sig!

Standard - pick2; Fournette / Chubb / DCook / Peterson

Standard - pick3; Adams / Cooper / DJMoore / Baldwin / Watkins

Standard; Ebron or JCook

Pick1; Washington / Kansas City - or picking up Dallas

... Ballsy move in picking up JAllen or sticking with RWilson (not dropping him obviously)

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WR: .5PPR, Choose 1 among Corey Davis, Arob, DJ Moore.

WR (in a different league): PPR starting 3, I have Thielen/DJ Moore/Funchess/Reynold/Shepard/C Samuel/MVS, I’m currently planning to start Thielen + Moore/Funchess combo. I don’t have good options here except thielen, So I’m willing to gamble on Newton’s arm with Denzel ward being out. Bad idea? If not bad should I go Moore/Samuel instead of Funchess? I thought Funchess was on pitch count last week so he can rebound to take over the target he lost to Samuel but Samuel has been playing so well.

also Watkins is out 4-6 weeks, I should pick up Conley from FA and drop MVS? Or drop Shepard?


QB: in 6pts td league, do I start Lamar over Brady? In 4pts td league I will, but 6pts td league, I kinda feel Brady will have at least 2 tds this week.

a thousand thanks!

Ouch, OBJ out! I guess I should just start Thielen/Moore/Shepard in my PPR league? I also picked up Engram from FA, plan to start him over Brate? What do you think?



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Lost AJ Green and Emmanuel Sanders.  Non-PPR.

Have Mike Evans, Allen Robinson and one of:

Curtis Samuel

Chris Godwin

Dante Pettis

I'm leaning toward starting Evans and Godwin and just hoping that the Bucs/Saints game is a track meet.  Thoughts?

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4 spots trying to make a choice in non-PPR. Thanks to Fournette last night, I'm needing to make up points:

QB: Brady or Prescott?

WR: Brandin Cooks or DJ Moore?

Flex-Cooks or DJ Moore or Justin Jackson?

TE-Njoku or Vance McDonald?

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Hello Bloom... Struggling with a bunch of mid tier options this week 

Scoring : 0.5 PPR, 1 point per 10 yards rushed and received, 1 point per 25 yards passed. 2 Bonus points for 100 / 150 / 200 yards for RB and WR, 300 / 350 / 400 yards for QB

Qb: Lamar Jackson or Kirk Cousins 

WR2, RB2 and Flex from 

Justin Jackson, Jeff Wilson, Tate, DJ Moore, Pettis, Jalen Richard 

Thanks for your input! 

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Hey Bloom, thanks in advance for all your help.  All 3 of my teams made the playoffs, much thanks!

12 team leagues, 1 PPR, Standard scoring

 Pick 1 RB: Ware vs Balt  or Adams @ Dal

Pick 1 Flex: Coleman @ GB;  Howard vs LAR;  Samuel @ Cle;  Adams @ Dal

Pick 1 QB:  Big Ben @ Oak;  Wilson vs Minn

Pick 1 Flex:  Blount @ Ari;  Stills vs NE;  Samuel @ Cle;  Bernard @ LAC;  T. Montgomery @ KC

Pick 1 Flex:  Baldwin vs Minn;  Samuel @ Cle;  Gabriel vs LAR;  Howard vs LAR;  Henry vs Jax

Pick 1 QB;  Luck @ Hou;  Winston vs NO

Pick 1 QB: Luck @ Hou;  Allen vs NYJ





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Thanks for taking the time and doing this every week. It's tremendously helpful.


PPR league

At flex this week: Josh Adams, Spencer Ware or Jeff Wilson?

WR Curtis Samuel or Pettis?

TE Engram or Ian Thomas?


I lost both Emmanuel Sanders and A J Green. Scrambling for WRs in playoff weeks 15 & 16. Which 2 do I roster and play as my second WR in each week in PPR league?

Ellington (@BUF, MIN)

Zay Jones (DET, @NE)

J. Nelson (@CIN, DEN)

C. Samuel (NO, ATL)

Pettis (SEA, CHI)

Gallup (@IND, TB)


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