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Week 16 Questions For Bloom

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looks great, wouldnt change it

DW (without Ware) > DJ > Ware > DW (with Ware) think Conner isnt playing. if we hear ware will play but not start, start DW

On 12/22/2018 at 7:34 AM, Markus P Dub said:

Hi Sig. 

.5 ppr

Need 2 RBs from: Chubb/Mixon/J. Williams/Coleman/MaGuire

Need 1 WR from: Baldwin/R. Anderson

1 Flex from the remaining above


.5 ppr

Would you start David Johnson over the following: J. Williams/Mack/D. Williams? (looks like Ware is out) No

Darnold or Keenum over Lamar Jackson? No, sorry imissed you


.5 ppr

Need 3 RBs from Chubb/D.Henry/Melv Gordon/J.Williams/D.Williams (looks like Ware is out)


sorry i didnt get to these yesterday

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On 12/22/2018 at 7:47 AM, kyoun1e said:

J. Gordon replacement needed from these sleepers. PPR league.

* J. Nelson vs DEN -- DEN secondary riddled with injuries. Been getting targets. Not sure I can trust him.

* R. Foster @NE -- Been putting up the points.

* D. Hamilton @OAK -- Safe floor.




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On 12/22/2018 at 8:39 AM, lionsroar said:

Thanks bloom

2 finals- 1st is a  ppr

Qb pick 1: luck, Prescott or Mayfield

Wr pick 2: Hilton, Diggs, Edelman 


Final #2 is standard

rb pick 2:  d.johnson, j. Samuels,                          j. Williams, or Peterson (sorry i didnt get this yesterday)



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On 12/22/2018 at 9:45 AM, thekidd2009 said:

Standard scoring, appreciate your insight

Need 1: Rivers vs Baltimore, Lamar Jackson @ chargers, Mayfield vs Cinci ( I also have Chubb and wonder if doubling down is dumb)

Need 1: Ebron vs NYG or Jaylen Samuels (tightend eligibility) @ Saints

Need 1: Damien williams @ seattle or Marlon Mack vs NYG


Thanks Bloom

had it rivers, hope you didnt

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On 12/22/2018 at 10:33 AM, 4th&inches said:

Got 3x Championship questions for ya:

1. Which DST do you start this week:

  • TEN vs. WAS
  • MIN @ DET

Edit: Rolled with TEN, the last second pick-6 was huge.

2. Worried Gurley owner: Even IF he's healthy enough to get the start, would you bench him in favor of Lindsay? or is it a "If Gurley is good enough to play, he's in your lineup" (.5PPR)?

FWIW, my other 2 RB's are Kamara & Chubb

3. Standard scoring, wasted my WR1 on Keenan Allen; so for my WR2 do I roll with Juju or Robbie Anderson?


Thanks as always and Happy Holidays!


if gurley is active, play him


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On 12/22/2018 at 11:00 AM, da_budman said:

Ok Sid thanks for doing this.  Championship week and im driving myself  crazy trying to decide between Roethlisberger and  Watson.  First  try through I put in Ben but since then im wafling back and forth.  NO gives up a ton of points to QBs  but lately they have been much stingier.  add to that JuJu's late week injury and  Ben isnt looking as good.  Watson against a philly secondary going the wrong direction but Watson has been the inferior start most weeks this year.  Obviously cant start Watson if Nuk cant go but cant see waiting  for the 4pm Pitt game  to find out about JuJu either?   ARGHHHH    lol   what would you do? 

  2nd question  Ive been starting Ingram all year with mixed results.  Picked up McQuire 2 weeks ago but never started him.  Is this the week to make that  switch?  Im leaning yes.  

watson, mcguire

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On 12/22/2018 at 11:01 AM, fantasycurse42 said:


Jeffrey (giving thought to him over Evans, although Evans surprised with a solid game against Balt last week) or Evans

Flex (Need 1):

Fournette, Michel, or Evans/Jeffrey (whoever you sat above)


Trubisky or Mayfield

You like Miami defense this week? Debating them or Denver. 

Leaning Mitch, Jeffrey, Evans, Miami

Thanks for a great 2018 Sig!


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20 hours ago, Manster said:

This should be a non-brainer, but....


I have Brady, Trubisky, and Lamar as my QB options.....Brady at home against a Bills team that is stout on defense, especially against the pass....normally, Brady is matchup proof, especially at home...but Brady is not Brady of old ..he's showing his age.....NE needs this one....and I expect them to win, but I could see a defensive struggle, just like the first time they played


Trubisky has a good matchup, but it's on the road, and it's Trubisky.....I don't feel good about hitching my championship wagon to him, really.


Lamar on the road vs. a good San Diego D......not really feeling that either.


I'm leaning strongly with Brady, as I feel like now is not the time to give up on him.....but Trubisky is intriguing...ughh

i have it trubisky, sorry i missed ya

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19 hours ago, txrwdyreptile said:

Hey sig merry Christmas... 2 league championships tomorrow. 

1st league 0.5 ppr moderate underdog

Big Ben or Luck

Please rank R Anderson,  Golladay, Baldwin 1 3 2

2nd league 1ppr  small favorite 

Please rank R Anderson, C.J. Anderson (if Gurley out), Edelman, D Williams, McGuire in the event that juju is scratched. 

Thank you! 



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17 hours ago, squistion said:

Happy Holidays Bloom!

In a PPR league where waiver wire is closed. :(

My only roster choices are Gurley or Adams.

Would normally be an easy choice (Gurley) except Adams plays 3 hours before Gurley and I have to make a decision before he plays, as if I go with Gurley and he is then declared out I get nothing.

Do I start Adams and get a few safe points or roll the dice that Gurley plays and risk a goose egg?



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10 hours ago, theEinherjar said:


Thanks for this and everything all season.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate it.


So, two questions for Championship week.  Going for the win!

This is for a 12 team, PPR league.


1) Which QB: Aaron Rodgers, Baker Mayfield, or Dak Prescott?


2) Not sure what to do about Gurley - The Rams playing the later time slot makes this really complicated. 

I need 1 RB and 1 TE from the following:

 --- Evan Engram, Jaylen Samuels (RB/TE Eligible), Elijah McGuire, Mark Ingram, Todd Gurley, CJ Anderson, John Kelly.

I see these as my options:


A) Play Elijah McGuire (1:00 game) and Jaylen Samuels (4:25 game) at TE and avoid the Rams all together.

B) Play Todd Gurley (4:05 game) and Evan Engram (1:00 game) at TE.  Pivot to Jaylen Samuels (4:25 game) if Gurley sits.

C) Play Todd Gurley (4:05 game) and Jaylen Samuels (4:25 game) at TE.  Pivot to CJ Anderson, John Kelly, or Mark Ingram (4:25 game) if Gurley Sits.


• Do you think one of those is right?  If so which one?

• Say you chose option Cwhich RB do you pivot to, should Gurley sit? Anderson, Kelly, or Mark Ingram?




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6 hours ago, JoeyJoJoJuniorShabadoo said:

Thanks! Now I'm kinda stuck at Flex, so would love some feedback if you can. 

Choices are Baldwin, Breida, CJ Anderson and just picked up Blue since. Miller is out 

 0.5 ppr, 1 point per 10 yards received, 2 point bonus for 100, 150 and 200 yards.

Thanks again 

baldwin good luck

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3 hours ago, cpstorm said:

Golladay or Nelson or D Hamilton

Standard PPR

Nervous about Golladay vs a stout defense with a injury tag to boot

Also pertinent: I am an underdog this week, but opponent had Gordon (lower than expected total) and M Williams (flopped).

Hopefully you answer one of the Gurley questions above, because I have a similar situation. My current answer: Start Willams vs NYJ then see what Gurley status is at 4pm and decide: Carson or Gurley at that point. Leaning towards sitting Gurley straight up. Rams have not looked good and I cannot handle a 3/16/0 and out for the game stat line in a champ final. I think Carson will outperform him anyway, so its more Williams vs Gurley.

THanks for any/all advice.


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3 hours ago, Rove! said:

Lindsay (Cin),  Damien W(Sea), Jaylen S (NO), David Johnson(Rams)


pick 2

standard scoring half ppr, slight premium for receiving yards for RBs

Still time to weigh in....thanks!

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