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[Dynasty] 2020 NFL Draft Class

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Faust, I don't think you necessarily get the props for doing what you do -- just wanted to say that it's appreciated. Not only are you taking the time to do all this for this community, you go to

Just finished my one and only dev draft of the year. 2020-eligible players only. This is a TE-premium league, but none were taken. Bryan Edwards was out of the pool due to being taken last year.

Sorry if posted before, but this was interesting. Best/Value picks and tendencies of GMs. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001108562/article/nfl-draft-guide-each-gms-best-pick-top-value-pick-

Ten “what-if” scenarios to consider for the 2020 NFL Draft


The NFL Draft is often unpredictable and uncanny, with twists coming from the first overall pick through the selection of Mr. Irrelevant. The time spent in between the NFL Combine and the actual draft is filled with speculation amidst free agency and other activities. The truth is we, as draft fans or analysts, don’t really have a clue who will go where or how players will turn out. The one true thing about the draft is that there are no certainties. We can make our best-educated guesses, but until the card is turned in, nothing is set in stone.

Completely true. The Raiders selection of Clelin Ferrell over Josh Allen last year and the Jaguars first round selection of Tyson Alualu in 2010 are two examples that popped into my thoughts upon reading this article.

I am looking forward to the head scratching picks in the 2020 NFL Draft. These outside of the box picks sometimes are genius and sometimes they bomb spectacularly.

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26 minutes ago, Faust said:

Faust, I don't think you necessarily get the props for doing what you do -- just wanted to say that it's appreciated.

Not only are you taking the time to do all this for this community, you go to the extent of pre-warning us when a link goes to a slideshow -- bravo!!!!

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Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts will only work out as a quarterback at the NFL Combine.

No running back or wide receiver drills, here. "He wants to show people that he’s a quarterback," said trainer Chip Smith. Smith told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that Hurts has been practicing "six hours a day or more" in anticipation of the Combine, including two-and-a-half with his quarterback trainer. "He’s a great athlete, and I think that people are more interested in seeing him throw," Smith said. "They know he’s a great athlete. He’s probably a 4.5, 4.6 guy in the 40. He runs (fast). He can change directions. He’s strong. He’s not going to lift, but he could." Hurts (6'2/218) is attempting to rally his way into late Day 2. He shouldn't have to wait long to hear his name called on Saturday if he can't get it done.

SOURCE: Atlanta Journal Constitution

Feb 20, 2020, 6:00 PM ET


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South Carolina WR Bryan Edwards announced he has a broken foot which will sideline him for the NFL Scouting Combine.

Edwards (6'3/215) was a 2019 All-SEC selection who caught 71 passes for 816 yards and six touchdowns in 10 games, missing his final two games due to a knee injury. He was already forced to bow-out from the Reese's Senior Bowl due to the knee injury, so this latest setback is a devastating blow for Edwards' draft stock. Edwards has NFL-caliber size and speed that earned him a 6.29 grade from NFL.com's Lance Zierlein who compares him to former NFL WR David Terrell. He was hoping to work his way into a Day 2 selection, but the multiple recent injuries will likely knock him down to Day 3 consideration.

SOURCE: Bryan Edwards on Twitter

Feb 21, 2020, 6:13 PM ET


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I hate being this guy but given history the broken foot is going to be a bad deal for Edwards. I’m really afraid it’s going to make him a day three pick which is going to significantly move him down my board. It’s going to be hard to overcome with how deep the WR class is considered.

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2 minutes ago, Dr. Dan said:

He might not even be a rookie pick, which could be good news but it would make his chances at success very limited 

Honestly the combine has far less significance for me than in the past but the weight of draft capital and what the NFL thinks is too much. Having Ruggs over Edwards makes my stomach queezy just knowing that’s entering into reality. I have MPH tracked for Edwards that I feel like I don’t need to see his testing results but given the NFL has suggested they are lower on him and ZWK’s micro studies with YPT/Yards per team total... my concerns have become much, much larger at this point. 

One silver lining is I’ve had a lot of twitter discussions about BMI and I am comfortable with the idea that there is some recency bias in the idea and the production is within a margin of error consistent with league wide production. I still do think it limits the production ceiling but I’m not going to hit Lamb, Jeudy and Jefferson as hard for being lanky. I believe the hit ratio for WR’s R1-3 was some ~19% for BMI under 26... however, when measuring seasons of 10ppg/ppr in the same rounds it was 40% above for >26 and 20% for <26. Production > BO >>>>> BMI for me. I’ll use it as a tie breaker but not as a lynch pin. 

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NFL.com's Lance Zierlein compared Rhode Island WR Isaiah Coulter to free agent WR Marquess Wilson.

Zierlein loves the 6-foot-3, 190-pound Coulter's pure athleticism -- he calls the Rhode Island wideout "raw but talented" -- while noting on the more problematic side of the equation that Coulter has real issues with his routes, both in terms of his route tree (it's limited) and his lack of attention to detail. Count Coulter as a potential Day 3 diamond in the rough. As Zierlein concludes, he is "an explosive, high-upside talent with functional-starter upside, but a lower floor."


Feb 22, 2020, 11:53 AM ET



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3 hours ago, Dr. Dan said:

If he is a 4th or 5th round nfl pick, possibly... but I doubt it

Even in leagues I’m not in, Preston Williams, an UDFA in the nfl draft was going 4th round in rookie drafts most of the time.  Same with Kelvin Harmon.  No chance Bryan Edwards doesn’t go early 3rd in rookie picks at the latest even if he’s a 4th or 5th round pick.  

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19 minutes ago, Dr. Dan said:

good point... I should clarify that I'm not sure Edwards would be selected in the top 36. I see him as a solid 3rd round pick, so maybe that's where he ends up, but it's possible he slips out of the 3rd

I could see someone reaching in the 2nd, but he belongs in the 3rd round of rookie drafts.

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 @Cecil Lammeyand @Sigmund Bloomwere saying that the thinking in NFL circles is that this is the best WR class ever.  They said 27 day 1 and 2 picks.  Basically every team in the NFL gets at least one day 1 or 2 player at the position. 

Let's see if I can put them down.  I have some studying to do at the end of the list apparently. 












Tyler Johnson





Gabe Davis

KJ Hill



Quartney Davis


Colin Johnson


That's only 23 and I don't think some of those guys are day 2 picks. 

Are there under the radar players the NFL likes that we haven't figured out yet? 

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