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Just wanted to thank you for starting this thread. My two boys play Fortnite, so I came down this morning, looked at them and scoffed: ”Boys, Fortnite is old news. Apex is where its at these days

My son told my wife that only 12 year old white boys play Fortnite. At the time he said this, he was a 13 year old white boy.    

My son is almost 12 and is level 140. Joined late in Season 3? I think he’s pretty good. I love watching him play. It’s frustrating how so few have mikes, or leave them on party chat. Working as a tea

I haven't logged on the xbox for about a month and deleted games off the system.   

I thought you would be on every day - aren't you still in a holding pattern for the job and in a different state, or not yet?

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2 hours ago, flapgreen said:

Still waiting on my report date. Current job working me to death so haven't been able to get on much lately 

Gotcha.  For some reason I thought you were already at the new area doing the bachelor thing.  

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1 hour ago, East Coast Bias said:

Just had a random teammate drop a 21 kill 4K damage game.

Damn. Haven't seen that 

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Thought I’d throw this out there. My son is level ~283 and it seems the matchmaking has been buggy for a while now. Lots of solo in duo’s or missing one in trios.

He’s a team player and has a mic. He’s Calvin Clyne 1234 with no spaces. Let me know if you friend him. 😀

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