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Opening Night: Packers @ Bears

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So yeah.....Bears OL.....looking like dog #### and pre-season stuff here.

This is the problem with the pre-season these days. The starters simply do not play enough and training camp...they don’t hit enough. And we get this as our product tonight.  

This is a direct correlation. 

This is not our NFL from the glory golden age (1980-2000)

It has been a slow but steady decline in the quality of the games.

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Great punch out....Bears Defense playing really well.


We have a defensive battle which is fine. I love defensive games......but it is easy to see just just how out of sync both offenses are. The speed of the game is overwhleming them and it is a direct result of todays NFL training camp and pre-season. They simply do not tackle enough in practice, have enough full pad practices and play enough in pre-season. It has been a huge trend and it really has gotten to the point of ridiculous and now we will start seeing opening games like this. 

The teams that don’t over do it.....will look a lot better. 

Remember two a days? Gone......long gone.They coddle the players too much these days. And simply do not hit enough. Oh wait CTE. Football is dying folks. 

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1 minute ago, Milkman said:

You could try some screen plays to one if your best offensive players Cohen? Have they even tried that? Serious question. 

Good point and maybe next drive they will. Gotta try something. Because they are simply getting overwhelmed....as are the Packers.

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