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2019 NBA Playoffs Thread: Toronto Raptors win NBA title #1.33

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3 minutes ago, Deamon said:

He did just say he would take less money to stay with the Hornets though.  Maybe he slipped and meant to say Lakers.

that might be semantics - less than the max in Carolina could actually be more than the max elsewhere

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56 minutes ago, Deamon said:
59 minutes ago, TobiasFunke said:

Toronto fans/locals- I saw this in my twitter feed:

Did they not previously have viewing parties inside the arena for Conference Final/NBA Finals? If not, why not? That's pretty standard operating procedure for teams when they're on the road. I think the Blues had two last night- one at wherever the hockey team plays and one at Busch.

Lots goes on inside that arena. Wouldn't be surprised if it was booked out other days. 

Plus, remember it's so cold in Canada that we have to take advantage of the few times in the year we can actually stand outside for 3 hours and survive

Yeah, I saw this week they cancelled some Oprah Show scheduled in the past couple days for the Raptors, even though it wasn't a game night and Carrie Underwood concerts as well. I didn't hear of any concert/event cancellations before that, though it's possible/likely those dates were held empty anyway in case the Leafs were also deep in the playoffs. 

It's an interesting question. The main square outside holds 6000 people and judging by the look on tv, the streets adjacent get at least that again. 

The Mississauga (Toronto suburb with over a million people) "Jurassic Park West" had 20,000 people itself for game 5. They could certainly fill the arena, hell they could probably fill the Rogers Centre. 

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Imagine there's no Process

It's easy if you try

No Joel or Dario

Not watching Simmons fly

Imagine all the draft picks... wasted on this guy

Imagine there's no TJ

it isn't hard to do

And there's no Robert Covington

And no pick swap too

Imagine all the eight seeds, wasting life away... Youuuuuuuuu


You may say he was a tanker

But he’s not the only one 

I hope some day he’ll rejoin us

No more trades for fake #1s


Imagine there’s no assets

And no cap room too

Hearing Doug Collins postgame

The shortest view in the room

Imagine one more second, watching Spencer Hawes


You may say he was a tanker

But he’s not the only one

I hope some day he’ll rejoin us

No more trades for fake #1s



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Warriors scored a Finals near-record 20 3s to win by one point last game.


Raptors shot a horrible 25% on 3s last game.


I'm a Warriors fan, but I don't like the potential leveling effect for this one.


Also, does Draymond have enough restraint to not get T'd up for a potential Game 7 suspension?



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As much as I can't stand Draymond Green, I would be utterly shocked if he got a technical in this game. I don't think he is quite that dumb and I don't think the referees would want to have that kind of impact on the series. He would have to borderline kill somebody to get a technical tonight.

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55 minutes ago, Juxtatarot said:

I’ve come to the conclusion that Michelle Beadle is quite good.  The best of that group certainly.

Jalen > Beadle but at least she looks better

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5 minutes ago, Alex P Keaton said:

The first article I ever read about Penny Hardaway back in the day, when he was in college, talked about him getting a triple-double that included turnovers.

Who was it that had a quadruple double (with blocks)in the 90s?


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