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2019 NBA Playoffs Thread: Toronto Raptors win NBA title #1.33

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14 minutes ago, tjnc09 said:

I don't get keeping as many starters in.  Aren't there any subs with fresh legs?  Certainly better than guys with 50+ minutes 

Denver doesn't have one decent bench guy to put in for a better play there?

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2 minutes ago, bananafish said:

I was about to comment how at least the scores were offset by an odd number this time...and then that happens.

haha I told my buddy that there's prob no shot for another ot because of the offset scores.  insane.

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Wow—amazing game to watch. Felt to me like Denver perhaps underutilized Milsap offensively in the last few overtimes. Seemed to me like good stuff resulted when they went to him—but they didn’t seem to really take full advantage of that.  Game 4 is going to be very interesting.   I’m curious to see how both teams bounce back from being physically and emotionally drained.  

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10 hours ago, EYLive said:

I don't think the refs believe players are capable of a clean defensive play. So any missed shot or flop is automatically called a foul, whether the refs see it or not.

This was the specific play I was complaining about. 




its not why the Celts lost, but calls like this make the game tough to watch sometimes 

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