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ren hoek

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I'm a bit of a junkie for this stuff.  Just got done with the first episode of A Very Heavy Agenda trilogy.  It's horrifying, but important and laid out very well.  

Others I've enjoyed: Killing Gaza; Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land; Food, Inc.; Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room, among many others.  

I'm sure I'm forgetting some.  Seen any good ones lately?  

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Anyone catch The Last Narc docuseries on Prime?  Just incredibly damning stuff.  Just incredible stuff period.  If ever there were any doubt that the US will rat#### and destroy anyone that threatens its interests, American citizen or not, this documentary will show otherwise.  Like I literally don't understand why we as a country have not abolished the CIA and charged its criminal operatives 

The reason we are hearing about this now is because one of the lead witnesses (who resides in the US) had a warrant against him in Mexico expire.  This warrant was used as a threat in the event he went public with what he knew.  I won't spoil it for you- unless you read below- but check it out if you get the time.  

A CIA officer (Max Gomez iirc) was involved in the interrogation and torture of a DEA officer that was responsible for finding and destroying an expansive marijuana growth operation.  The DEA was complicit too, almost certainly with the full consent of the highest levels of govt.  The grounds that the DEA agent (Kiki Camarena) uncovered (and got destroyed) were a training ground for Contras that were slaughtering civilians in Nicaragua.  The CIA was funding the operation and delivering suitcases packed with cash to fund their illegal black operations.

Multiple parties- from the DEA to the USG to the Guadalajara cartel appear in the documentary.  They were there and they describe everything in graphic detail. 


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