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PSA - Don't Leave Water Bottle In Your Car

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The confluence of events for this situation to occur is exceptionally unlikely but since it was shared on Facebook, I'm sure my MIL will never leave a water bottle in her car just like she always unplugs the toaster and microwave.  

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so a long time ago....  we were redoing our bathroom.  My wife had a magnifying mirror that sat on the vanity. We put a bunch of stuff in our spare bedroom as we were remodeling.  We had an endtable in the spare room as a nightstand.  Put stuff under the table for the time being.

I come walking upstairs.   "Do you smell something burning?"

wife: " No but I did the other day "

me: " yeah i did too but couldn't place it."

So I'm walking around trying to figure out where the smell is coming from.   Walk into the spare room and smell it.  I'm looking around and notice the table smoking a little.

Walk over and sure enough the sun was bouncing off the mirror and into the bottom of the table.  The underneath of the table had black circle on it where the reflection was hitting.   The way it was sitting in the room it got maybe 20-30 minutes of direct light.

Was just stunned a) this could happen and b) was lucky the table didnt catch on fire :lol:

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1 hour ago, parasaurolophus said:

Heated paper to 250 degrees!!!! 

So close to starting on fire. 

Yeah, but imagine that there were TWO water bottles focusing beams. 500 degrees will do the job and then some, per Ray Bradbury.

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