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@Simon Shepherd Suggestion: please eliminate the slider functions throughout the app and provide editing boxes so that I can specifically type in the number I want for that specific setting. I spend way too much time trying to adjust those damn things to exactly where I want them and even then it's never correct. I really don't understand the infatuation with sliders. Please get rid of them. They are confusing mostly and cumbersome.....at best.

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Long time DD Classic user.

Going to try the new DD on laptop after buying the app the first year and not being able to use it after playing with it that year. 

Suggestions @Simon Shepherd 

1) On Cheatsheet, can you implement the traditional FBG labeling? Instead of RB S. Barkley (seven columns, then) POS 1, please change to RB1. Keep at RB1 even as RB's come off the board.

2) Rosters. Using Dropdowns takes time. Please use a Left/Right arrow to quickly scroll through each team quickly.

3) Depth Chart is very large and cumbersome. When I first click it, it shows all 32 teams QB 1-3. Please make it fit one page, all positions, at-a-glance like DD Classic.

That's it for now after initial look. Love the video's; very helpful.

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