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FFPC trade, lots of big names



I usually don't come into the AC very often as I feel I have a good grasp but I'm actually torn on this deal that's on the table.  Usually doesn't happen that someone sends me something I find fair ha. 

I have an offer on the table that a guy sent in cold.  He's been trying to get OJ Howard from me for months basically and I keep saying no.  Anyways here's the new one he came up with.

I give up Aaron Jones, OJ Howard, and Dawson Knox

I get Zach Ertz, Miles Sanders, and Jordan Howard along with 2 2020 2nds, a 3rd, 5th and 6th.  

My starters as is without the trade (Russell Wilson, Melvin Gordon, Guice, Nuk, N'keal Harry, OJ Howard, Aaron Jones, Evan Engram).  And I also have Josh Jacobs, Isabella, Curtis Samuel of note on the bench.  

First thought was that it didn't improve my starting lineup since I'm over the moon for OJ Howard and Goedert will eat into Ertz's time.  Same with Sanders/Howard eating into each other.  What made me think is the future picks and if Aaron Jones doesn't pan out.  If Sanders pans out, he's likely valued near Aaron Jones so it isn't much of an improvement I'd say.  

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The picks don't seem like that big of an incentive.  It's a fair trade and really boils down to what you think of Jones.  If you think he is the real deal then I don't accept.  If you think he cannot stay healthy and is just a roster drag because of the potential that he never realizes then I probably make the deal. 


I am a fan of Jones so I hold tight. 

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FWIW DTC has this fair at ertz and the two 2nds for your 3 guys. 


You're high on OJ so I'm not sure why you'd do this if you dont think it improves your team. 

IMO Sanders is a RBBC guy losing receptions but being the primary ball carrier. worst case he ends up like Abdullah, a 20-20 guy, Howard is the redzone back, and someone else (Scott I think) is the reception specialist. 

Jones... I was his biggest fan by far, most people know this, but I'm soured on him a little for 2019 and beyond. Hes a homerun hitter but I'm not sure he can last a full season. I do think hes probably equal to Sanders if he pans out 

If it were me, I'm not sure what I'd do. I'd probably decline and instead of Sanders ask for a 2020 1st, but I am a draft pick hoarder 

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