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Patient dead after poop transplant goes wrong

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Poop transplant?!  Surely this link will be to an Onion story...

*clicks link*

No no no, apparently it's a real thing that doctors have done...

"Hey Bill, big plans this weekend?"
"Eh, not too big.  Heading into the clinic tomorrow to get some of that good sh!t from Tom, might play a round of golf afterwards..."

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Something about this ----


One of the patients died and the fate of the other was not discussed. The agency also did not say how or why the patients were immunocompromised prior to the transplants, what the transplants were attempting to accomplish, how they were carried out, who conducted the transplants, or when they occurred.

---- seems like a poor wipe-job.

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My wife was battling recurring bouts of C-diff for about 6 months.  The doctors performed the stool transplant, and it cleared it up.  It seriously did make a huge difference and allowed her to get her liver transplant the next week.

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12 hours ago, Ignoramus said:

"Patient dead after poop transplant goes wrong"

Can we get some examples of when poop transplants have gone right?

I know this is in jest, but the transplants have ~90% cure rate for recurrent Clostridium difficile collitis. Alternative treatments work 40-60% of the time.

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