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Established 32-team Full GM Dynasty League has 3 openings left. League dues are $110 per year but all three teams are discounted (League has funds to cover the rest of the buy-ins, so prize pool is not impacted). One team (Bear Force 1) is a complete rebuild. That team will have this year's league dues waived in full if someone is up for the challenge of rebuilding a team. The other two teams (WTF Chuck !!! and D'OH!) will be discounted to $50 this year so that we can get new owners in before free agent auctions start this weekend. One of these teams was a playoff team last year. All teams will have a $50 refundable deposit required. Reach out if you are interested in one of these discounted teams. First guys to reach out will get them.


32 teams, 2 conferences with 4 divisions each, just like the NFL

16 game regular season (4 double header weeks)

Playoffs start week 12 with the Suberbowl in week 16



40 man rosters with 10 man taxi squad and 5 man IR

Free agent auctions

Rookie draft

Side pot which pays out hundreds each year for hitting milestones


The league is set up to mimic the NFL in many ways and gives owners full control of the franchise.


Website: http://www59.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/30638#0


Open teams are marked "VACANT".


Reach out if interested. I can answer any questions you may have specifically.

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Just the rebuild team left. No league fees this year, added draft picks this year and next, all to get this team turned back around. Fun project for anyone up for the challenge. Let me know if interested, draft starting next week.

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