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***EPL 2019-20 Fantasy League*** Games start on Friday!

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@Christo @Poke_4_Life @McBokonon @cheese @TLEF316 @JMon348 @Slapdash @Getzlaf15 @drunken slob @Bonzai @Moe.   Just an FYI - there is a Mid-Week Week coming up next week. I will run waiv

We've had co-managers before...  but just so you're aware, the one listed above is more of a multiple personality thing than a co-manager.  Some posters that like soccer just can't stay out of the PSF

@McBokonon @TLEF316 @Slapdash @JMon348 @Christo @drunken slob @cheese @Moe. @Poke_4_Life @Getzlaf15 @Bonzai   Just checking in to see if everyone is still here - I think Christo is off-line

7 hours ago, cheese said:

The closest thing I have to a player on a good team is Alonso  

I wouldn't worry about that a whole lot.

Sometimes it can be an advantage because the top teams are playing deep into other competitions. My first year, during an FA Cup week in January, I started a lineup with five players. Ended up losing by just a few points because the other team had the same problem as me. The reschedules and what-not can hose you. I didn't want to go to the waiver wire because all of my bench was good and would have been picked up on the next waiver run. 

Having players from just the top six isn't always helpful. :2cents:



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4 hours ago, gianmarco said:

Was wondering what was taking so long for him. I haven't kept up, but if gets any regular minutes, this is a complete steal.

We'll see pal. Being that it's his last season, definitely taking a chance. He's been one of my favorite players since before I even joined the league.


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With picks 6.12 and 7.01 of the EPL 2019-2020 Fantasy Draft, Sporting Real Christo United, F.C. selects:

Jordan Pickford, Stopper, Toffees

 Daniel Ceballos Fernández, M, Gunners


F - Mohamed Salah, Scousers

F - Glenn Murray, Seagulls

M - Bernardo Silva, Citeh

D/M - Matt Ritchie, Magpies

D - Cesar Azpilicueta, Chelski

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