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How many broken bone incidents have you had in your life?

How many broken bone incidents have you had in your life?  

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Right thumb in 7th grade playing basketball. (Jammed it rebounding)

Left wrist in 8th grade playing basketball. (took a charge/got steamrolled)

Right pinky in armored SCA combat while in college 🤓 ( got it smashed pretty good - healed a little crooked)

Right foot playing basketball in mid-20’s. (Minding my own business beyond 3 point line since previous injuries had taught me defense is for suckers... two guys got tangled up and rolled me up with them.)


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I was 17 and hated the world. I was on the fast track to the prison system when this happened. After skating through high school, I decided to embrace my potential and actual commit myself to college

I don't understand how that's going to fix a broken chair. 

I think you should avoid sliding....I think you are doing it wrong.

Never had any broken bones.  But had a CT of hips and legs 2 years ago and found out I have multiple fractures in legs and one in hip.   From when I was a baby my mother use to drop me on concrete a lot.  Which was confirmed years ago by my aunt's and uncles.

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On ‎7‎/‎31‎/‎2019 at 3:46 PM, Getzlaf15 said:

I broke 4 ribs in ATV accident.  Went off 40 foot cliff. Blanked out 2 feet into fall. Came to a second or two later, 40 feet away from base of cliff and slammed left hip into ground and broke the 4 ribs.  ATV rolled several times and then rolled over me, and landed upside down on top of me.

Insult to injury.

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