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Rookie Draft Tomorrow- Who to Pick at 1.4?


This is a ppr all-keeper league. RBs are always a premium, so I fully expect the big 3 to go first (Jacobs, Montgomery, Sanders). My WRs and QBs are fine, and I don't think any of the rookies are worth the 4th pick anyhow. I need to go RB. So who do I choose here?

Darwin Thompson- potentially a ridiculous reach, but I don't think DWill has proven anything, and he has the best chance for an early role, and in one of the most RB-friendly offenses ever. 

Justice Hill- he seems to already have some kind of role, but with Ingram being paid big money, and Edwards still there, will the running-crazy Ravens have enough touches to make him a viable flex option?

Devin Singletary- initially the way I was leaning, until the hype over Thompson got my attention. Two old guys in front of him, but especially in early reports, was said to be looking great. Awful combine measurables are a concern, as is the general prospects for the Bills' offense. 

Darrell Henderson- the guy who is usually ranked as the 4th rookie RB off the board in drafts so far, but it's hard to go that high for someone whose ceiling will be very low, given Gurley's track record. All you're banking on is Gurley's knee really limiting him, and opening up a legitimate role for the rookie. 

Size isn't a tiebreaker here, as all of these guys (especially the first 3, are pretty small and not likely to garner many goal-line carries). Neither is speed, as they each (with the exception of Henderson), manage to combine a lack of size with a shocking lack of speed. 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Leave a link and I will help you with yours. 


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I totally disagree with your approach.  In rookie drafts DO NOT DRAFT FOR NEED.  It's a crapshoot on whether any rookie actually ever returns fantasy value so your best bet is to just take the player you think is the best regardless of position.  I will say it again.....DO NOT DRAFT FOR NEED.   Whenever you try and force a player because of need you are shorting yourself from getting the best player.  The goal in a rookie draft is to get a player that will contribute in fantasy football.  Even if it is in a position of strength for you.  Then you have options to help improve your overall team.  Trying to take a RB just because you need one when the talent is inferior rarely works.


I would rank all the rookies available (regardless of position) and take your highest ranked player.  If you really don't like anybody then try and move that pick to either move back in the draft or to get a future 1st plus. 

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