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Week 3 Questions For Bloom

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On 9/19/2019 at 4:58 PM, LionOfGosforth said:

Hi Sig! Thanks for last week!


Rivers or Stafford?

Tyler Boyd or John Brown (same game)

Kittle or Andrews (Can't believe i'm asking this but through 2 weeks, big diff)

One quick roster question - Damien Williams owner (but not McCoy), do you recommend to drop any of the following for Darwin - James White, Tyler Boyd, John Brown, DJ Chark?


white for DT in nonppr

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On 9/19/2019 at 6:40 PM, Nimrod said:

Hey guys just need so advice 10 team standard league 6 points all TD TDS lineup 1qb 2rb 3wr 1te 1def 1k 

my team is 

QB: Brees, B Mayfield, J Allen 

RB: Chubb, Ekeler, S Michel, D Williams 

WR: T Lockett, A Robinson, Kupp, M Gallup and MVS 

TE: Kelce, J Reed 

Def: Ravens, Broncos 

K: M Bryant 

I’m 0-2 to start the season played the high score w1 lost w2 because of Brees should I be trying to make a deal or just roll with this team? If I was to try to trade for some one who should I target? Thanks in advance love u guys 

roll with it youll be ok

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On 9/19/2019 at 6:47 PM, BeerLogic said:

10 team ppr 17 roster spots. Some bad luck has left me 0-2 to start so near term production is more of a priority right now. Have to drop one player to replace the kicker I dropped to get Demarcus Robinson off the waiver wire. Pick one to drop (leaning Duke Johnson):

WR: Hill :(, JuJu, Watkins, Diggs, Valdes-Scantling, DK Metcalf, Demarcus Robinson

RB: Kerryon, Ekeler, Duke Johnson, Royce Freeman, Justin Jackson, Malcolm Brown

TE: Mark Andrews, OJ Howard

Also Darwin Thompson is still available on the wire. Is there anybody you would swap out for him?

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work.

sigh yes duke

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On 9/19/2019 at 8:27 PM, conlilnew said:

Thanks for the call on Hardman last week. Need your help again please. 1 pt ppr. 

Tyreek owner. Have Cooper locked in. Need 2 more WR's from 

Josh Gordon, Will Fuller, Mecole Hardman, Terry McLaurin, 

Need one for my flex spot from the list above plus have Chris Thompson as well I could put in my flex spot




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League 1: PPR

WR - (Pick 1) Evans OR McLauren

TE - (Pick 1) Olsen or Waller 

Flex- (Pick 1) either WR not chosen above or Mack, Lindsay or DeDe Westbrook

League 2: PPR

WR (pick 3) Keenan, Devante, McLauren, JuJu,  C Sutton

??  Would you drop DEN for either the following Buf, Det, SEA, NO, CAR) and/or which D would you start this this week?


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. .25 PPR

-Pick 1 WR - Edelman vs nyj,  TY Hilton(inj) vs atl,  Ridley at ind,  Scary Terry vs chi,  Fuller at lac,  J Gordon vs nyj or  Hardman vs bal 

-Pick 1 Flex - from WR above not picked,  Jacobs at min, Gore vs cin,  Hyde at lac

-Pick 1 TE - Olsen at az , Waller at min, Hock at phl or  Dissly vs no

-Pick 1 K - Slye (no cam) at Az, Gould vs pitt or Lutz (no Brees) at sea

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Hey Bloom! Can you help me fill in some blanks:


rb: barkley


wr: Mike thomas


te: hock or oj Howard?




David johnson, Sony, Lockett, demarcus Robinson, Darwin Thompson. 



11:20 am Central time update: I am in KC, the rain has been done for over an hour, they should be good to go at arrowhead!

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I respect your insight, thanks in advance, hoping questions here will be helpful for other owners, too:

1) 16 team PPR QRRWWTFKDD - Which two to start: Gurley, Chubb, David Johnson (need higher floor).

2) 16 team PPR QRWWTFFKDDDDDD - Quick take on Shady if active?  Worried active means McCoy = Decoy

3) Prosise a good speculative add before gametime?

4) 12 team PPR QRWWWTFF - Need 5 WRs from this list: Adams, Agholor, Smokey, Cobb, Gordon, A-Rob, Thielen, and Deebo.  Can make a case for any/all.



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On 9/20/2019 at 6:46 AM, kyoun1e said:

Need two flex from this  group. PPR league.

* K. Johnson @PHI

* M. Sanders vs DET

* R. Burkhead vs NYJ -- James White is OUT!

* AP vs CHI

* M. Goodwin vs PIT

* D. Amendola @PHI

* P. Dorsett vs NYJ -- With A. Brown being released.

Which 2?



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On 9/20/2019 at 6:50 AM, kyoun1e said:

Which of the following WRs do you think is the best stash for this week in the hopes that they are not only next week's waiver darling, but also has long term potential?

I'm a C. Davis owner (who is probably dropping him). Looking for reinforcements.

* M. Goodwin - Has a bye next week unfortunately.

* D. Pettis -- Gut feel by end of season this guy is out of the doghouse and he's SFs #1.

* R. Higgins -- @BAL next week which isn't ideal, but offense could be explosive. Njuko out too.

* D. Amendola -- Juicy matchup at home vs. KC. Could see garbage time at minimum. Don't love long term in that slow offense.

* P. Dorsett -- AB released!

* D. Johnson (PIT) -- Saying he's starting?? Over J. Washington?? Intrigued.



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On 9/20/2019 at 8:36 AM, Captain Crunk said:

.5 PPR 2nd flex - James Washington, Justice Hill,  Burkhead?

.5 PPR flex - Fitz, Cooks, Brieda, Hardman?

ROS bench depth behind Diggs, Hop, Kupp - Curtis Samuel (on bench now), Golden Tate, James Washington? 

Thanks Sig!



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On 9/20/2019 at 12:48 PM, Barksdale said:

1. Pick 3 (0.5 PPR):

  • C.Kirk
  • JuJu
  • Mecole Hardman
  • Diggs
  • A-Rob

2. How do you rank the following to take up 1 bench spot:

  • Justice Hill 3
  • Ty Johnson 4
  • Darwin Thompson 2 
  • Miles Sanders 1

3. How do you rank the following Q2 (SuperFlex) ROS:

  • Cousins 2
  • Trubisky 1
  • Bridgewater 3

4. Finally, Michael Gallup or Golden Tate?


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Happy Sunday Sig--quick general question.  Just traded for David Montgomery. I feel like he was a buy low--but I could be wrong. Would you start him over Mark Ingram or Sony Michel this week in ppr?

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On 9/20/2019 at 12:58 PM, JoeyJoJoJuniorShabadoo said:

Struggling with picking my WR1, WR2 and Flex as I actually have several good choices for this week (I think)

Fitzgerald vs CAR

John Brown vs CIN

Frank Gore vs CIN

Mostert vs PIT

B Cooks at CLE 

Ridley vs IND

1 pt per 10 yards rushed / received, 2 pt bonus at 100 and 150 yards, 6 pt TD

Thanks in advance!

wont talk you out of Fitz or cooks in that flex over gore

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On 9/20/2019 at 2:33 PM, mega_rob said:

Just listened to the audible, would you deal M. Sanders for M. Brieda straight up? or package Sanders/Michel for N. Chubb? Have Jacobs, Michel, Sanders, McCoy, Hill at RB. 

Also start one PPR, Sanders, McCoy or Jacobs? Nervous about Shady on the wet field. 

 still lean shady

would hold sanders unless you have to start him or the rb you get for him

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On 9/20/2019 at 4:38 PM, Loomba said:

Hi Bloom,

0-2 so need to turn this ship around... 0.5 PPR, 6 pt TD's. Everything else is fairly standard.

Pick 1 RB: Michel, Freeman, Barber, Wilkins, Mostert

Pick 3 WRs: Cupp, Agholor, Demarcus Robinson, Josh Gordon, Devin Smith

Flex: Any one of the above.

Owe you a beer next time you are in Calgary...

thanks! beautiful country!

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On 9/21/2019 at 6:25 AM, eagles57 said:


What's your thoughts on phillip dorsett for the ROS? matchup Wr3/flex room to grow w edelman inj gordon susp

What's your thoughts on ty Johnson? kerryon inj upside looks swift/loose

Would you worry about the weather in KC and fade skill players? no

Thank you


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On 9/21/2019 at 7:53 AM, PinkydaPimp said:

Hey Sig,


12 team ppr - pick oneRidley, Hilton, Ross, dk

10 team no ppr - pick oneFitzgerald, Ross

better bench stash 10 team ppr 2rb/2wr/2 flex:  this would be my rb5 - C. Thompson for Darwin?

fan dual:  ‘McCoy and engram’ or ‘chris thompson and kittle’


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