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What veteran RB will Giants sign?


What veteran RB will Giants sign?  

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Other viable candidates out there not listed (mostly just JAGS):

  • Chris Ivory
  • LeGarette Blount
  • Alfred Morris (if he's not totally shot)
  • Zach Zenner
  • Jeremy Hill
  • Jacquizz Rodgers
  • Javorius Allen
  • Doug Martin
  • Andre Ellington
  • Alex Collins
  • Benny Cunningham
  • Ken Dixon
  • Travaris Cadet
  • Elijah McGuire

I wonder if they go with a more proven name (Blount, Ivory, Martin), or a guy who maps to Barkley's skill set in both run and pass. 

I think I recall Benny Cunningham looking fairly good in preseason. Would love seeing Alex Collins or even Chris Warren (not listed above) get another shot.

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I'd say trade for Kenyan Drake, but he's an FA after this season and it doesn't really make sense for a rebuilding NYG to give draft capital for a short-term rental unless they think they can contend.

I'd maybe grab someone like Cameron Artis-Payne off free agency or sign a player off somebody's practice squad.

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3 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

I think they’ll stick with Gallman. 

Sure but who is backing him up? Are they really going to go with Elihjaa Penny? I am pretty sure he is more of a FB since he is 250. They have to have someone else. 

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14 minutes ago, rockaction said:

Gettleman did bring in Stewart last year for a very unsuccessful time. Whatever that means, it at least adds to the information of who and of what type of runner he was bringing in.

Which to me screams CJ Anderson. If I was him, Elijah McGuire would be my target. In the world of JAG RBs, he's at least young, has some juice and can catch. 

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20 minutes ago, Craig_MiamiFL said:

Orleans Darkwa :excited: 


1 minute ago, Nucker101 said:

This would actually be intriguing. 

Someone said in the offseason he tore his achilles last October. I wonder if he fully recovered? 

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Gallman is pretty bad, so I wouldn't be surprised to see a guy like CJA or Ajayi signed off the street to essentially be the starter. Neither are long term answers but they don't need that--they are capitalizing off the excitement of the new rookie QB though, and Gallman is not the guy to help him win games. 

I don't think they're "rebuilding" in respect to caring whether they win games or not. They care most about developing Jones, yeah. But they also just benched a franchise legend for him, so you better believe that they also want to win games. 

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6 minutes ago, Judge Smails said:

No way this is just 4 weeks looking at him yesterday and with a high ankle sprain diagnosis.  They have nothing to gain by rushing him back.  6-8 is more realistic

I’m just using the timeline that the Giants gave us. They said 4-8 weeks.

maybe you’re right. Maybe you aren’t. 

Rizzo just sprained his ankle, left the stadium in a walking boot, & came back in 3 days.

I've seen players return from high ankle sprains after 4 weeks, and I’ve seen them take 3 months. 

I ain’t his doctor, so I dunno. 

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1 hour ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

Also a good point. 

For 4-8 weeks anyway. I seriously doubt Barkley is going to get Wally Pipp’d. :shrug:

6-8 weeks is a huge time frame though and even when Barkley comes back, there is a chance he suffers a setback.

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7 minutes ago, Ray Barboni said:

It was a 4-8 week “estimate”

why are you putting a 6-8 week “is huge” on it? 

Do you know something? Or just being ... that guy?

Schefter added today that they think the longer end of the timeline is more likely and we could potentially expect him to rehab until after the week 11 bye. 

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