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1:10,000 chance

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Just got home from the vet. My sweet puppy girl Roxy was getting spayed.

Dropped her off at 9, told her everything was going to be ok. Gave her a kiss on the forehead, got kisses in return. 

Got a call at 11:15 as I was driving back from breakfast that there was a complication & I should come in immediately.

I was 2 mins away, so I turned around and went to the vet’s office. They said after they closed her up & were finishing everything up, her little heart just stopped beating. Very likely a fluke reaction to a med. They said it’s a 1:10,000 chance.

i watched them perform CPR for about 25 mins and they called it.

She was just starting to learn the rules, and despite destroying my couch, window sill, and multiple pairs of shoes, I loved her very much. My adult dog Domino did as well. 

RIP Roxy, 3/25/19 - 9/24/19 🌈


It’s a hard day. I may take a little while off of Internetting, as I’m utterly heartbroken. Figured I’d let FBG folks know, so if I disappeared for a while you’d know why. 

Worst day ever. I’ve had a lot of dogs. I’ve never lost a puppy before. Utterly devastating. 

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F***.  I'm sorry for your loss. I saw the title of the thread in the forum and I was thinking that maybe you hit some sort of 1/10000 raffle or lottery.  Definitely a crappy twist in what I expected versus what happened.  My condolences to you and your family.  

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Thanks everyone. Yesterday was a hard day. Today is starting off pretty rough as well. No morning craziness from lovey happy energetic pupper zooming around wanting food, wanting love & wanting to play with the big girl dog at 5:30 AM. 

No tough love & training opportunity during breakfast. 

3 yr old dog is also sad, so we’re just kinda hanging out being sad together.

hopefully it will get easier. Every time I see her picture I break down. Today, like yesterday. Is a hard day. 😢

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It’s amazing how much space a 36 lb dog took up in my home. I know at some point this should get easier, but her presence echoes throughout my house through the silence.  

With my older dog Lucky there’s was closure in putting him down at 14.5

there’s just no closure in losing a puppy. if Just sucks. This is a hard week. 

Sorry, just venting.

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