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9 minutes ago, brun said:

Reactions to that hit by Ritchie remind me what a dinosaur I am. Definitely going to tell my son about "back my day". 🙂

I hear you, but ..late, didn't have the puck, from behind, into the boards....checks all the boxes.

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Thanks to everybody for the congrats. I just got out of the sin bin here, but oddly I could stay logged in and like posts? Weird. It was a super fun final and I got hammered the night they won. Didn’t

Why aren’t they showing flyers highlights 

Took grand daughter to her first Ducks game, for her 5th birthday.   Pretty awesome until they dropped the puck. lol.   Ducks gave her an autographed picture of her favorite player, John Gibson.   We

3 minutes ago, Ghost Rider said:

Doc should tell his fellow announcers to stop sounding so bummed out.  They sound distraught that Boston is losing like this.

:goodposting: Must be market driven. 

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6 minutes ago, Osaurus said:

Wow. Just stated watching the Bolts starting up right where they finished off last game. Bruins are in quite a hole. 

It’s over 


Tuukka leaving was the death knell. They may have made it past the Lightning if they’d prevailed in game 2, but they were never going to win the cup with halak 

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13 minutes ago, JaxBill said:

Flyers are getting badly outplayed but those are two bull#### slasing calls when you haven't called jack #### the rest of the mother####ing game 

I agree.  They haven't called #### all game but call those.   Then ignore an islanders foul later.   We still deserve to lose but that crap doesn't help

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27 minutes ago, JaxBill said:

kudos to Varlamov and the Islanders. This is only 2-1 but this feels like tbe series is over

2nd period was atrocious, but they seemed to be better in the 3rd. I do love AV pulling the goalie with 4 minutes left on the power play to try and get something to happen. Just can't figure out why they look so flat sometimes.

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10 hours ago, Capella said:

That’s the way every playoff loss feels though. 

True.  It's just demoralizing the way the Flyers were the better team for the first 10 minutes and then either decided to coast or the Isles woke up. And the fact that your top line has played like garbage since they started back doesn't give you a lot of hope.

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On 8/29/2020 at 6:50 PM, AcerFC said:

Any chance Stamkos comes back at all

I don’t think there is really any chance at all. One rumor said he left the bubble (unsure of its validity) and some other reporter said that type of injury takes a full year to recover from. 

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16 minutes ago, wilked said:

“Don’t let us win tonight...”

Words from Kevin Millar, on a day they traded Kevin Pillar.

(I have no idea what that means, but it must be something.)

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