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***Thursday Night Game Thread*** Rams vs Seahawks

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My eye literally twitches when seeing Pete Carroll smacking his gum the way he does...flashbacks of my dad yelling at me for smacking my food when I was a kid play in my head and I feel the uncontroll

Until the roughing the passer call and gift wrap Seattle a game changing TD thus giving them the victory but yeah...outside of that it was well officiated. 

Airman wants them to hand it off to Gurley with no timeouts lol

Just now, Bossman said:

Rams offense elite again or is this SEA defense awful?


This is a good question but I think this is two quality teams that are in a shootout tonight and it's gonna take 30-something to win this game. The defenses are good but they haven't seen offenses or QBs quite of this caliber

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2 minutes ago, GrantK said:

Never got his left foot down, right arm out of bounds...

Both knees hit.  Ball stayed gripped in his hand.  Touchdown.

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BTW - Replay makes the game worse. Get rid of it.
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bad job by Woods there...no reason he couldn't get toes down

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1 minute ago, trader jake said:

Both knees hit.  Bad stayed gripped in his hand.  Touchdown.

forearm hit OOB BEFORE knee hit in bounds

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This game totally ushers in Fall Football, you know what I'm talking about. It's hot and sticky in September but you can smell the holidays around the corner watching this game tonight. It feels like that time of the season when things matter. Tip of the hat to both teams for putting on an entertaining show. 

I am petrified though that the refs will ruin this inside of 2-3 minutes left, this is going to come right down to the very end, gawd help us. 

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Nice minutes left down a score, this is classic Russell Wilson/Chris Carson/Tyler Lockett time.


EDIT: My fault I should say Doug Baldwin.

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