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2019-2020 NBA Preview


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We're on the beginning of the 2019-2020 NBA season, and I just thought I'd enlighten everyone with my projections as to who's going to win the NBA championship, and how we'll get there.


Eastern Conference

Central Division

1. MIlwaukee Bucks (61 wins)

2. Indiana Pacers (48 wins)

3. Chicago Bulls (39 wins)

4. Detroit Pistons (36 wins)

5. Cleveland Cavaliers (20 Wins)

Atlantic Division

1. Philadelphia 76ers (56 wins)

2. Boston Celtics (48 Wins)

3. Brooklyn Nets (45 Wins)

4. Toronto Raptors (44 Wins)

5. New York Knicks (22 Wins)

Southeast Division

1. Miami Heat (43 Wins)

2. Orlando Magic (37 Wins)

3. Atlanta Hawks (30 Wins)

4. Washington Wizards (25 Wins)

5. Charlotte Hornets (23 Wins)

Eastern Conference Quarterfinals

Pacers over Nets

Celtics over Raptors

76ers over Heat

Bucks over Bulls

Eastern Conference Semifinals

76ers over Celtics

Bucks over Pacers

Eastern Conference Finals

Bucks over 76ers


Western Conference

Northwest Division

1. Denver Nuggets (57 wins)

2. Utah Jazz (54 wins)

3. Portland Trail Blazers (49 wins)

4. Oklahoma City Thunder (38 wins)

5. Minnesota Timberwolves (34 wins)

Pacific Division

1. Los Angeles Clippers (56 wins)

2. Los Angeles Lakers (51 wins)

3. Golden State Warriors (48 wins)

4. Sacramento Kings (39 wins)

5. Phoenix Suns (25 wins)

Southwest Division

1. Houston Rockets (53 wins)

2. San Antonio Spurs (47 wins)

3. Dallas Mavericks (41 wins)

4. New Orleans Pelicans (39 wins)

5. Memphis Grizzlies (22 wins)

Western Conference Quarterfinals

Rockets over Lakers

Jazz over Trail Blazers

Clippers over Warriors

Nuggets over Spurs

Western Conference Semifinals

Clippers over Jazz

Nuggets over Rockets

Western Conference Finals

Nuggets over Clippers


NBA Finals

Bucks over Nuggets

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