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New England at New York (+10) Game Thread

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1 minute ago, lod001 said:

The comical ineptitude of some of these teams is an major embarrassment for the league. If CIn & MIA didn't paly each other, we could have had 2 teams with zero wins.

Don't forget WAS matchup with MIA

They could very well go 0-for the rest of the way.

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AFC Trubisky 

-8.1 in my league.

Darnold flings another tortilla


Just now, Jayrok said:

:bag:   But in my defense, Darnold did say his offense was unstoppable.  You can't stop them from turning the ball over.  

He said it be like that  once they get Herndon back.

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Only watched for a couple minutes but I observe two things.

1) The Jets are not moving at remotely professional speed

2) The Pats defense IS that good (not greatest ever good though). It's like they have a microphone in the Jets huddle

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1 minute ago, NutterButter said:

Damn, I didn't realize that this Pats D has only given up 48 points through almost 7 games.   That's on pace to destroy the record.   That being said, they have played some truly terrible teams.   Still amazing given the lack of big names on this D.  

The defense itself has only allowed three TD’s in 7 games this year. The NE offense has given up the rest. And their special teams muffed a punt for a TD. 

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Bill's ability to coach a D is a real reason the AFC East has been a joke besides NE for almost 20 years. Every young QB who had some promise then goes up against NE twice a year and any momentum against other teams they were showing gets absolutely obliterated by the Pats and they never truly are able to develop without a complete road block twice a year.

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