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Dynasty Trade Opinions


12 Team .5 PPR Dynasty

RB: Bell, Gurley, Coleman, K. Johnson, Singletary, Pollard, B. Hill

WR: Hopkins, A. Robinson, S. Watkins, M. Jones, C. Samuel, MVS, C. Davis

I’m currently in a position to make a run for the Playoffs, and another potential playoff team is hurting at RB due to injuries and is trying to get Singletary. I know there is some potential long-term value with Singletary from a Dynasty standpoint, and after some back and forth (and some lowball offers), he sent the following:

Give: D. Singletary and “whatever else you want to send”, likely MVS

Get: Thielen and L. Murray 

I can definitely use a stronger WR, and I think even long term in Dynasty this may make sense. Just want to make sure I’m not missing anything!



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I am not sure if this makes sense dynasty wise or as a help for this year as it makes your opponent stronger this year.  Singletary is a very nice dynasty RB asset.  Murray is on the back end of his career (30 yrs old next year).  Although Thielen has been productive he started late and is also turning 30.  I don't think is a good dynasty move.


In looking at it from this year's perspective, Thielen is coming off a re-injured hamstring and is on bye this week.  He will have had 3-4 weeks of rest when he is back on the field but there is no guarantee he is better.  I am not sure how much that really improves your WR for this year going into the playoffs.  I am not sure this is good for this year.


I pass on the offer and would need more for Singletary.

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