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Week 14 Questions For Bloom

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In a Superflex league, I have Wentz, Darnold, Lock and Eli. Love Darnold’s matchup this week, but hate his week 15 & 16 schedule. Would you:

A) Start Darnold this week, then drop him after this week and play matchups between Eli and Lock as my QB2 for week 15 & 16.

B) Start Darnold and drop Eli or Lock for a handcuff like Ryquell, Malcom, Darwin or Ware?

C) Drop Darnold now and start either Eli or Lock for this week and pickup a handcuff?

Standard scoring system for QB. I’m pretty solid going into playoffs and also have Penny, Mattison, Pollard, Guice and Gus. 

Thanks Sig!!!

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Best RB playoff bench stash PPR- please rank if you have the time good sir 












Best week 15 DST stash- 







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6pt td -3 turnovers, 1/25 passing, +5 for 300yds

   (1)  Pick 2 - Winston, Darnold, Minshew, Eli  - leaning Winston, Darnold

0.5ppr, 1/10 rushing/rec, +5 100yds

   (2)  Kamara, Melvin Gordon, Fournette -  would you start Mattison over any of these if Cook is inactive?    If so which one?


Thanks for this weekly thread.


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Jamaal Williams or Benny Snell .5ppr already starting Aaron Jones. 

Given J-Will's limited practices this week due to a knee issue, and Conner already declared out I'm leaning Snell. Thoughts? 


Sat Edit: now that E.Engram is ruled out I don't have another healthy option so I'll roll with both Snell and J-will in my 2 flex. 

I have P.Campbell in case any pregame flare-ups for J-Will. 

Thanks anyway Sig! Good luck to you...

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Bloom ... big week!

QB: (3pts TD and 0 for fumble and ints)

Wentz vs Giants or Fitz A Jets


Flex: Rank the following: (need 3)

Barkley vs Det / Boyd @ Cle / Laird @ Jets / Parker @ Jets / Julio vs Car



Waller vs Ten or Doyle @ TB



Pit @ Ari or Car @ ATL




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PPR League. Have a bye and I'm looking to optimize my stable of RBs for weeks 15 and 16. 

I'm looking for your opinion on if I should drop any of them for what's available on waivers.

Note: I can start up to 4 RBs due to 2 flex positions.

Here are my RBs along with their week 15 and 16 schedule:


* S. Barkley (MIA, @WASH) 

* A. Ekeler (MN, OAK)

* K. Drake (CLE, @SEA)


* D. Guice (PHI, NYG)

* A. Mattison (@LAC, GB)

* L. McCoy (DEN, @CHI)

* D. Thompson (DEN, @CHI)

* P. Laird (@NYG, CIN)

I'm really hoping things fall into place. For example, maybe Guice given more carries, Mattison gets larger share due to Cook injury, maybe things fall the right way with one of the two KC backs. But maybe they wont. 

Here's what's available on waives:

* G. Edwards (NYJ, @CLE) -- Premier cuff and has stand alone value. He's also matchup proof. Do they lessen Ingram's load down the stretch?

* W. Gallman (MIA, @WASH) -- Worth cuffing Barkley? The NYGs matchups are pretty sweet weeks 15 and 16 and Gallman has produced before.

* T. Pollard (LAR, @PHI) -- Premier cuff who is banged up right now. Schedule not great and DAL may be swirling down the tubes.

* R. Bonnafon (SEA, @INDY)-- CMC a beast but do they cut his touches down the stretch with a new coach?

* J. Richard (JAX, @LAC) -- Jacobs with a fractured shoulder?

Stand pat? Or drop someone for one of these waiver options?



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D questions for weeks 15 and 16. Have a bye so looking ahead.

Please choose one D for each of the weeks.


* KC vs DEN -- Rookie QB in a hostile environment. KC D seems like they are turning a corner.

* GB vs CHI -- Trubisky suddenly looks decent?

* PHI @WASH -- Hard to trust them after Fitzy roasted them, but this is a division game. PHI D seems worse on the road.

* SEA@CAR -- K. Allen getting sacked quite a bit. Could they go with the rookie W. Grier in this game?


* KC @CHI -- Less excited about this option now that Trubisky seems to be coming around.

* LAC vs OAK -- LAC getting injured players back, but not sure they'll have much fight in them.

* SEA vs AZ -- SEA D looks strong and fighting for a top seed. Murray surprisingly not turning it over though.

* WASH vs NYG -- Could be Eli under center again.



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RBs:  .25 points per carry, 1.50 ppr, .15 points per yard received.  Start 2 and 1 more in Flex -

D Henry

D Cook

M Ingram

D Guice

R Mostert

WRs:  standard ppr scoring.  Already had ARob start, need 2 more -

K Allen

T Lockett

J Brown

M Jones

Dio Johnson

J Ross

TEs: 1 ppr, .15 points per yard received -

Z Ertz

J Doyle

QBs:  1 point per completion, .50 points per carry, .20 points per yard rushed, tiered points per total yards passed (more is better) -

R Wilson

J Goff



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Happy Fantasy Football Playoffs!! need a little help/ nudges in the right direction.

League info: 12-team, .5 PPR, 3yr Keeper league (QRRWWTFKD)


  • QB: Watson, A. Rodgers
  • RB: Kamara, Chubb, Ekeler, Montgomery, Mattison
  • WR: Nuk, Evans, Chark, DK Metcalf, A. Miller
  • TE: M. Andrews, Cook
  • K: Butker


Question 1: WDIS at QB (4pt passing, 6pt all other TD)?

  • Watson v. DEN
  • Rodgers v. WAS

Question 2: WDIS at Flex:

  • Ekeler @ JAX
  • Chark v. LAC
  • B. Powell v. MIA (would need to drop someone to add him)
  • Mattison v. DET
  • J. Cook v. SF

Question 3: Would you go with BAL DST @ BUF or would you pick up HOU's DST v DEN?

Last question: Who, if any, of the below would you add for playoff help/ potential Keeper for next year & who would you drop?

  • Darwin Thompson
  • B. Powell
  • J. Ross
  • Lazard
  • P. Campbell


As always, thank you for the help & good luck to you in all your leagues!!


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Help me Bloom.  I have lots of tough decisions this week!

standard scoring non PPR, 4 pts per passing TD

QB:  Brady or Fitzpatrick 

WR:  Pascal or Tate

Def:  SF or Philly 

thanks so much!  

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Having some gamesmanship/analysis paralysis this week, especially at QB. Not sure if I should embrace or run from a potential QB-WR stack.


QB Options:

Ryan Tannehill  

Ryan Fitzpatrick (also starting Parker)

Matt Ryan (also starting Julio)


PPR Pick 2 (at least one RB):

D. Singletary

Jamaal Williams

Robby Anderson

Zach Pascal (opponent starting Brissett)


Thanks in advance!

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Bloom! On fantasy football, I don’t trust my guts as much I trust your guts! Thanks for the help all season! Need your advice in a few leagues this playoff week!

league 1: PPR scoring: starting qb/2RB/3wr/te/flex/dst

My starters: Bree/CMC/Kamara/Sutton/Tyrell williams/Sanders/Doyle/Gordon/phi dst

my relevant bench player: baker/Slayton 

My opponent starters: cousin/chubb/Hyde/obj/Adams/diggs/waller/pascal/lac dst

Tough decision on QB: I have baker in my bench. Do I start baker over Bree since my opponent is starting both Chubb and obj?

On WR, I have Slayton on my bench, both Tate and Engram will be back and Eli will throw. Do I start Slayton over t-will or over sanders?

league 2: .5 ppr espn, pick 3 wr starter out of: godwin/diggs/Parker/Landry/Samuel, my opponent is starting cousin. Pick 1 DST out of phi/bal/cle/hou, pick 1 k out of Elliot/Crosby/Bailey/Fairbairn

league 3: full pt ppr, pick 1rb1wr1flex out of the following: Carson/penny/Lockett/John Brown/Royce freeman/breida/Hollister or I can pick up pascal/James Washington/diontae johnson from FA. Currently I plan to go with carson/Lockett/penny and sit John brown due to weather. But is it too crowded sea offense? I’m favored by 13 pts. On DST, pick 1 out of NYJ/SF/JAX

League 4: full pt ppr, pick 1rb1flex out of Jamaal Williams/duke johnson/Higbee/Jared cook/Slayton/d Washington(if Jacobs can’t play). 

League 5: .5 ppr, Joe Mixon or McCoy? And Lockett or James Washington?

thanks so much!


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Hi Bloom,

Do or die! All TDs 6 points, 10 yds/pt, non-PPR.

Need 2 RBs from Cook, Carson, Guice, Ekeler, Bell, Mostert - based on trust your gut I’m leaning Cook and Guice, though head says Carson over Guice.
My opponent has Mattison 🙂

Need 2 WRs from Hopkins, Lockett and Westbrook - not sure if I can trust Lockett.


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Hey Bloom

Appreciate your input as always

PPR: need a flex

Curtis Samuel, John Brown or Deebo Samuel

Non PPR 

Need one RB: Brieda, Coleman, Peterson or Howard (if healthy)

WR: AJ Brown or R. Anderson

RB: Ronald Jones or R. Penny (yes it’s that bad)

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Ok.. first round of 3. $5k on the line.

pick 3 WR to start;

Edelman vs KC

Evans vs IND

Hill vs NE

Parker vs NYJ


Pick 2 to start;

Coleman vs NO

Snell vs ARI

J. Williams vs WSH

D. Thompson vs NE

B. Powell vs MIA

Thanks in advance 

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Hey bloom! Bad matchups for me all around this week. Been flip flopping all week.. could really use your help..

.5 ppr, need 3

John Brown vs BAL

Zach pascal vs Buccaneers 

DJ Chark vs LAC

christian Kirk vs PIT

james Washington vs ARZ

carlos hyde vs DEN

alexander mattison vs DET(I have cook)

Bilal powell vs MIA

thanks in advanced!

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Crunch Time!  Thank You in advance!

League # 1 Big $$ (PPR + bonus @ 100 yds rushing + 100 yds receiving) AND ALREADY DOWN 20 as result of Allen Robinson on THURS

  • RB (Pick 2) - Jones, Lindsay, Bo Scar, Powell, Mack (leaning Jones/Lindsay and feel both are overdue for "big" games"
  • NOTE: not sure how comfortable I am with Mack coming off injury vs TB rush DEF & just picked up Powell and at the least to block somebody                        else from picking him up) 
  • DEF - Ravens or Steelers (no gut feelings here but with both teams on road,  I think AZ offense is more suspect than BUF?? agree/disagree?)
  • Flex (Pick 1) - Any RB not chosen from above OR Deebo, OR Crowder 
  • NOTE: Do you generally prefer a RB or WR as a flex in PPR?

For context: Deandre & Evans @ WR, Wilson @ QB, Lutz @ K 


League # 2 (PPR)

  • RB - (Pick 2) - Gordon, Michel, Mack, Bo Scar, Mattison, Snell
  • TE - Waller or Doyle (been on Waller all year)
  • Flex - (Pick 1) - Any RB not chosen above OR McLaruin OR Doyle
  • NOTE: Rolling Brees @ QB but a bit concerned vs SF and down 2 lineman I believe.  Fitzmagic avail.  Add and start or roll w/ the known commodity @ home but tougher match-up?
  • NOTE: I feel I should roll with Mattison @ RB or Flex if Cook ends up out**  Agree/Disagree.  Can you let me know your best gut feeling under both scenarios?
  • NOTE: Bilal Powell available for pick up.  Add and Start @ RB or FLEX in lieu of what is above?

For context, Devante & Keenan @ WR, Pitt @ Def,  Lutz @ K 


THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Hi Bloom - 

0.5 PPR - Need 2 WR and 1 FLEX (3 total) players from: 

                                 Robby Anderson / Zach Pascal / Curtis Samuel

                                 Darrius Guice / LeSean McCoy / Patrick Laird / Bilal Powell

Full PPR - Just need one of the 2 below:

                                 D Guice or B Powell 


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Can you help set the rest of my lineup, 10 team 2qb, 0.5ppr. 2nd week of a 2 week matchup and i currently am projected to win by only 10 so very close. Guys who've played or who i am sure i am starting are listed below... need help filling in blanks.


RB1: Zeke


WR1: Mike Thomas




Options: Chubb, Dalvin, Tyreek, DJ Moore, Mattison, Marlon Mack, Packers D, 49erD


have concerns about pats scheming to shut down tyreek like they did last playoffs. have significant concerns about dalvin cook's ability to play an entire game. Finally, leaning packers D at home vs. Wash but Wash surprised against panthers D last week.




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Mornin' Bloom -

Winston or Murray?

.5 PPR - 2nd  flex options are: Chark, Boyd,  Penny and Laird?  I am projected to win by 13 with Chark in now.  

Goedert but Vance is on waivers.

Gould or pick up Crosby or Bailey?

In another league I have Goedert but Engram is stashed on IR.  Is he too risky to start in playoffs coming off the long foot injury? 



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Thanks Sig,

                         FFPC scoring,

                       Need 3 of the following:

                                                                    M.Ingram @ Buff

                                                                    M.Jones @ Minn

                                                                    D.J. Chark vs LAC

                                                                    C.Beasley vs Balt

                                                                    D.Singletary vs Balt

                                                                    V.McDonald @ AZ

                   And 1 of the following:

                                                                    D.Westbrook vs LAC

                                                                    D.K.Metcalf @ LAR

                                                                    J.Ross @ Cleve

                                                                    M.Sanu vs KC

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Iggles fan here that can’t make a decision regarding his disappointing team.

At QB should i roll with wentz or cousins? (6 pts for passing TDs)

Which defense Philly or Green Bay?  (2 pts for turnovers and sacks)

And lastly, pick two from Tate, Sutton, woods (ppr)

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PPR league. Need one flex:

* D. Guice @GB -- Good matchup but does game script work against him.

* L. McCoy @NE -- Should get touches.

* D. Thompson @NE -- Fresh legs featured?

* P. Laird @NYJ -- NYJ minus key players on D. Should catch passes at minimum. Miami rolling lately.

* A. Mattison vs DET -- Cook off the injury report, but maybe Mattison gets his share this week against a horrible DET D.



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PPR league where I have 2 flex positions. I've been riding with little WR depth alongside my K. Allen and T. Lockett all season, but Lockett's recent performance has me concerned heading into the playoffs. Looking to possibly bolster the WR corp as best as possible for weeks 15 and 16 with a bye in hand.

Current WRs with weeks 15 and 16 schedule:

* K. Allen (MN, OAK)

* T. Lockett (@CAR, AZ)

* C. Davis (HOU, NO)

Minus any injury to Allen or Lockett I'll be riding these two as they have solid matchups both weeks. However, I want to make sure I have a break glass in case of emergency option and I'm not sure C. Davis is it despite what looks to be a great matchup week 15 vs HOU.

Other options in FA right now:

* D. Amendola (TB, @DEN) -- Great matchup week 15 vs TB, but not sure I can trust him and Blough.

* A. Lazard (CHI, @MN) -- Week 15 matchup vs CHI not great, but is he the #2?

* R. Gage (@SF, JAX) -- Matchups aren't good and both Hooper and Julio look to be back along with D. Freeman. Gotta think his snaps are cut.

* P. Campbell (@NO, CAR) -- I'm intrigued by Campell. Don't think Indy has a choice but to get him involved. Hilton looks iffy at best to come back. Matchup @NO not good though.

* A. Tate & J. Ross (NE, @MIA) -- Think the Cinci offense could roll a bit now with Dalton back. Either one of these guys could produce or cancel each other out. NE matchup terrible though.

* D. Njuku (@AZ, BALT) -- This is a live dangerously at WR option. I'd drop C. Davis, roll with just Allen and Lockett, but pick up Njuko in a GREAT matchup @AZ, and potentially use as a 2nd flex in week 15.

Drop Corey Davis for any of these options? Or just stand pat for now?


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First round bye this week but looking ahead to weeks 15 & 16

Currently roster QBs Ryan Tannehill and Matt Ryan, available is Ryan Fitzpatrick


Which 2 Ryans do I roster and start in the next 2 weeks?

                                     Week 15             Week 16

Tannehill                        HOU                     NO

Ryan                               @SF                    JAC

Fitzpatrick                     @NYG                 CIN


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PPR - I have many good choices but that creates its own problems.

Need 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex - I have Jones/Ekeler in at RB, Hill/Adams in at WR right now. Thinking Parker at Flex but I’m also nervous NE picks Hill to take out of the game.

Aaron Jones

Austin Ekeler

Mark Ingram

Jamaal Williams

D. Guice 

D. Adams

D. Parker

Tyreke Hill


eta: leaning leaving Ekeler on the bench now for Ingram 

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In a 12-team 0.5 PPR league, 1QB/2RB/2WR/standard flex. Earned the 1st round playoff bye, so I'm trying to prep for weeks 15 and 16. I still have TY Hilton on my bench. Other WRs on my roster are Parker, Sutton, Boyd, and Marquise Brown. Is Hilton worth keeping or would you drop him for any of these currently available free agents:

Darius Slayton

John Ross III

Anthony Miller

Zach Pascal/Parris Campbell

Diontae Johnson

Russell Gage


My leaning was to go with Ross, Miller, or Campbell...but I don't feel strongly enough about any option to pull the trigger on dropping Hilton without some advice from the guru. What do you think, Sig?


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