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Week 14 Questions For Bloom

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Hey Sig, hope you're well. Mish-mash of confounding flex options this week. Standard scoring, starting Chubb and Adams, need two from the following:

Chark (falling off and tough matchup)

J.White (came alive last week, purely due to game script?)

D.Guice (good on limited touches)

Landry (producing every week)

Penny (no idea on this guy)

Also Andrews or Kittle? I seem to pick the wrong one each week


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2 hours ago, McBokonon said:

PPR - I have many good choices but that creates its own problems.

Need 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex - I have Jones/Ekeler in at RB, Hill/Adams in at WR right now. Thinking Parker at Flex but I’m also nervous NE picks Hill to take out of the game.

Aaron Jones

Austin Ekeler

Mark Ingram

Jamaal Williams

D. Guice 

D. Adams

D. Parker

Tyreke Hill

Toon Army!

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10 team no PPR:

Pick 1 Flex:  Mattison(i am starting Cook) or Ekeler

Pick 1: Lockett or James Washington 


FanDuel cash :  Mattison or Powell 

also very important: madvillian or dr. Octagon?  🤔


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Would appreciate keeper thoughts for my squads out of contention:

1. PPR keeper, which 2? (Round cost in brackets)


QB: Carson Wentz (5th), Andrew Luck (10th)

RB: M. Gordon (1st), Kareem Hunt (5th), Devin Singletary (9th), Rashaad Penny (7th), Lamar Miller (10th)

WR: Devante Parker (10th)

My thoughts: It’s between Singletary, Hunt, and Penny. I think definitely Singletary and lean to Hunt but Penny has come on strong and might be the better value. 

2.. Half PPR, dynasty, Keep 1:

Kyler Murray or Carson Wentz

My thoughts: QB is probably my biggest question as I thought it’d definitely be Wentz preseason, but now think it might be Murray.



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do I play Powell in full ppr over singletary or AJ Brown? I’m using AJ Brown partly based on his haymaker upside.

Jared cook situation is bad isn’t it? NO missing two OLinemen, and matchup is worst in NFL. Am I crazy for going Gesicki here? 

Thanks. Love ya bye! 

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On 12/6/2019 at 2:54 PM, DesertTiger said:

In a Superflex league, I have Wentz, Darnold, Lock and Eli. Love Darnold’s matchup this week, but hate his week 15 & 16 schedule. Would you:

A) Start Darnold this week, then drop him after this week and play matchups between Eli and Lock as my QB2 for week 15 & 16.

B) Start Darnold and drop Eli or Lock for a handcuff like Ryquell, Malcom, Darwin or Ware?

C) Drop Darnold now and start either Eli or Lock for this week and pickup a handcuff?

Standard scoring system for QB. I’m pretty solid going into playoffs and also have Penny, Mattison, Pollard, Guice and Gus. 

Thanks Sig!!!

start darnold and hold the others, reassess after this week. would also carry darwin over pollard

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On 12/6/2019 at 2:56 PM, mega_rob said:

Need 1 RB, 2 flex PPR: 

C Carson

R Penny


D Thompson


J Brown


Also stick with PIT D in weeks 15/16 or grab NO (IND, @TEN) or KC (DEN, @CHI)?

Finally need 1 PPR: M Sanders, OBJ, Chark?


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Hi Sig,

Would appreciate a second opinion on the following options at QB and Flex. I am going back and forth:

QB: Wentz (bad weather game on MNF!?!?) or Tannehill?


FLEX: 2 of Mack (4 man rotation?), Lockett (last 3 weeks, vs ramsey?, is he healthy?), Bilal Powell (bell out), Penny or Laird

0.5 PPR with Mike Evans, Hopkins, Chubb, Waller and Eagles DST 

Thanks in advance!!!

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On 12/6/2019 at 3:00 PM, flexyplay said:



Best RB playoff bench stash PPR- please rank if you have the time good sir 


Laird 3

Darwin 1

RFreeman 9

Richard 7

Gio 8

Gus 2

Armstead 4

Ware 5

Boone 6


Best week 15 DST stash- 








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On 12/6/2019 at 3:01 PM, DorkSide said:

Going against CMC owner who has already beat me twice this year. Need a victory!

Going with Hill and Gurley as my WR1 and RB1  Trying to decide who fills out the WR2, RB2 and flex between:






Thanks in advance!


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On 12/6/2019 at 3:05 PM, Amar345 said:

Sig! I’m in the playoffs Bc of you! Just need ur assist! Wentz or fitz magic. Then out of these three, who do you start? Ppr on rtsports - kamara, gurley, Aaron Jones, or ingram? Thank you again for all u do! 


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On 12/6/2019 at 3:05 PM, kodycutter said:

6pt td -3 turnovers, 1/25 passing, +5 for 300yds

   (1)  Pick 2 - Winston, Darnold, Minshew, Eli  - leaning Winston, Darnold

0.5ppr, 1/10 rushing/rec, +5 100yds

   (2)  Kamara, Melvin Gordon, Fournette -  would you start Mattison over any of these if Cook is inactive?    If so which one?


Thanks for this weekly thread.


cook will play

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On 12/6/2019 at 3:05 PM, Dacomish said:

Jamaal Williams or Benny Snell .5ppr already starting Aaron Jones. 

Given J-Will's limited practices this week due to a knee issue, and Conner already declared out I'm leaning Snell. Thoughts? 


Sat Edit: now that E.Engram is ruled out I don't have another healthy option so I'll roll with both Snell and J-will in my 2 flex. 

I have P.Campbell in case any pregame flare-ups for J-Will. 

Thanks anyway Sig! Good luck to you...

oh all good!

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Play cook or not? 

To me its not a matter of who else .....its him or not?  

We all probably have someone else we can play...and in a lot of cases its not playing him and Mattison its him or Mattison and the difference is a game changer...]

just cause he is active and CAN play .....is he a must start....? Where is the break off in your FBG rankings if its “he is playing but we dont feel good about it and would  go with these guys instead”....

hate the “he is active so he is auto top 5 thing”....and then he takes a hit and lays a donut......what does the FBG “intel” say...

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Playoff time! :boxing:

Thanks for all you do sig!

PPR (I'm listed as slight favorite but it's very close)

Goff vs Garoppolo - flipped a coin this morning, it came up Goff. But I'm really not sure here. Goff could get destroyed vs Seattle. Jimmy seems the safer play.

RB - need 2. Fournette is probably in, but then Guice / Bo / Hunt are all pretty close this week. Guice with the upside, but I'm speculating that Hunt gets more work vs Cincy (could definitely be wrong, but it seems they should want to keep Chubb healthy and continue to get Hunt involved). Pretty sure I won't start bo. 


Different league, another PPR

Flex: Hyde / Mostert / David Johnson / Watkins - I literally have no idea what to do here. Mostert has been very good lately, DJ fell off a cliff. I don't trust any of these guys really.  Currently Mostert is in. Another close match, I'm the slight underdog.

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0.5pt PPR

TE Jared Cook or Tyler Higbee

WR/Flex Pick 2 of Diggs, Kupp, Chark, RB Kareem Hunt

Flex Bilal Powell, Tevin Coleman, Rashad Penny, <GULP> Darwin Thompson

6pt pass tds - Josh Allen or Sam Darnold.




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16 hours ago, Sigmund Bloom said:

Which of these streamers do you trust the most this week?





Thank you!

These are my same options..but throw in Brady. Does he take the top spot over Fitzmagic?

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On 12/6/2019 at 3:14 PM, djjosee said:

Bloom ... big week!

QB: (3pts TD and 0 for fumble and ints)

Wentz vs Giants or Fitz A Jets


Flex: Rank the following: (need 3)

Barkley vs Det / Boyd @ Cle / Laird @ Jets / Parker @ Jets / Julio vs Car

parker barkley julio boyd laird



Waller vs Ten or Doyle @ TB



Pit @ Ari or Car @ ATL





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On 12/6/2019 at 3:17 PM, kyoun1e said:

PPR League. Have a bye and I'm looking to optimize my stable of RBs for weeks 15 and 16. 

I'm looking for your opinion on if I should drop any of them for what's available on waivers.

Note: I can start up to 4 RBs due to 2 flex positions.

Here are my RBs along with their week 15 and 16 schedule:


* S. Barkley (MIA, @WASH) 

* A. Ekeler (MN, OAK)

* K. Drake (CLE, @SEA)


* D. Guice (PHI, NYG)

* A. Mattison (@LAC, GB)

* L. McCoy (DEN, @CHI)

* D. Thompson (DEN, @CHI)

* P. Laird (@NYG, CIN)

I'm really hoping things fall into place. For example, maybe Guice given more carries, Mattison gets larger share due to Cook injury, maybe things fall the right way with one of the two KC backs. But maybe they wont. 

Here's what's available on waives:

* G. Edwards (NYJ, @CLE) -- Premier cuff and has stand alone value. He's also matchup proof. Do they lessen Ingram's load down the stretch?

* W. Gallman (MIA, @WASH) -- Worth cuffing Barkley? The NYGs matchups are pretty sweet weeks 15 and 16 and Gallman has produced before.

* T. Pollard (LAR, @PHI) -- Premier cuff who is banged up right now. Schedule not great and DAL may be swirling down the tubes.

* R. Bonnafon (SEA, @INDY)-- CMC a beast but do they cut his touches down the stretch with a new coach?

* J. Richard (JAX, @LAC) -- Jacobs with a fractured shoulder?

Stand pat? Or drop someone for one of these waiver options?




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On 12/6/2019 at 3:52 PM, That one guy said:

RBs:  .25 points per carry, 1.50 ppr, .15 points per yard received.  Start 2 and 1 more in Flex -

D Henry

D Cook

M Ingram

D Guice

R Mostert

WRs:  standard ppr scoring.  Already had ARob start, need 2 more -

K Allen

T Lockett

J Brown

M Jones

Dio Johnson

J Ross

TEs: 1 ppr, .15 points per yard received -

Z Ertz

J Doyle

QBs:  1 point per completion, .50 points per carry, .20 points per yard rushed, tiered points per total yards passed (more is better) -

R Wilson

J Goff




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On 12/6/2019 at 3:58 PM, 4th&inches said:

Happy Fantasy Football Playoffs!! need a little help/ nudges in the right direction.

League info: 12-team, .5 PPR, 3yr Keeper league (QRRWWTFKD)


  • QB: Watson, A. Rodgers
  • RB: Kamara, Chubb, Ekeler, Montgomery, Mattison
  • WR: Nuk, Evans, Chark, DK Metcalf, A. Miller
  • TE: M. Andrews, Cook
  • K: Butker


Question 1: WDIS at QB (4pt passing, 6pt all other TD)?

  • Watson v. DEN
  • Rodgers v. WAS

Question 2: WDIS at Flex:

  • Ekeler @ JAX
  • Chark v. LAC
  • B. Powell v. MIA (would need to drop someone to add him)
  • Mattison v. DET
  • J. Cook v. SF

Question 3: Would you go with BAL DST @ BUF or would you pick up HOU's DST v DEN?

Last question: Who, if any, of the below would you add for playoff help/ potential Keeper for next year & who would you drop?

  • Darwin Thompson - Drop PHI for him
  • B. Powell
  • J. Ross
  • Lazard
  • P. Campbell


As always, thank you for the help & good luck to you in all your leagues!!



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On 12/6/2019 at 5:32 PM, skillz said:

Help me Bloom.  I have lots of tough decisions this week!

standard scoring non PPR, 4 pts per passing TD

QB:  Brady or Fitzpatrick 

WR:  Pascal or Tate

Def:  SF or Philly 

thanks so much!  


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Thanks as always Bloom!  2 Questions:


 Tannehill, Brees, Brissett or Mayfield (pick 1)


WR - TDs are 6 points.  Modified PPR - 1 point per reception start with 6th catch.  1 point per 25 yards Rec/rush starting at 50 yards:

Julio Jones, Courtland Sutton, or Jarvis Landry?


Thanks!! :tebow:


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Superflex League:      PICK TWO
Josh Allen v BAL            (worried about lower scoring game, some weather)
Goff           v SEA
Fitz            @JETS           (Mia won't be able to run)

leaning toward Goff + Fitz

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