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How loud do you sneeze?  

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I think this is hereditary, honestly.  Both of my parents sneeze loud as heck... and when I let one go around my kids or wife it's usually followed by a "geeeeez" or something from them.

So, do you sneeze loud or what?

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I think I'm in between normal and loud.  

I don't think it's crazy loud, but sometimes people will be like, "Wow."  But other times, no one will say bless you and if I call them out, they're like, "Oh.  Sorry.  I didn't hear you sneeze." 


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a long time ago, i heard somewhere that sneezes were the closest a man can get to having a female orgasm. ever since, right or wrong, i go for thunderous multiples with the slightest tickle and am not dissuaded from doing so by my knowledge that women strive for the smallest, quietest sneezes possible

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Glad to hear I'm not the only one.  I might have to show this to my wife and kids so they don't think I'm the only one that makes the walls shake.

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24 minutes ago, Slider said:

I sneeze once usually and it's loud. The wife sneezes that ridiculous hold it in and make no noise thing two or three times. She says one is not normal and you don't get a bless you. 

I really wouldn't mind if this were the standard for all.

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3 hours ago, RUSF18 said:

Everyone here knows the light trick when you need to sneeze right?

 Always thought it was common knowledge but learned differently recently. 

Not everyone knows about it because those of us with photic sneeze reflex are in the minority.  The trick doesn't work for most people.




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On 12/11/2019 at 4:52 PM, Galileo said:
On 12/11/2019 at 4:06 PM, TheIronSheik said:

My wife sneezes in threes.  It's weird.  

I am a double sneezer...always 2.

I'm almost always 2 or 3.  Just earlier today, I sneezed once and it felt so... wrong.

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