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Week 15 Questions For Bloom

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If Derrick Henry is out, would you rather start Lewis or F1 in PPR? I currently have Wentz, MT, Julio, Carson, Freeman and Eli (Superflex) and going up against Brady, Lockett, Deebo, Gurley, Cook, Diggs and Brissett.

Thanks Sig for everything!

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.5 PPR I'm a slight underdog this week

QB:  Wentz @ Wash or Rivers vs Min

Please pick two:  Montgomery @ GB, Mack @ NO, Laird @ NYG, Westbrook @ Oak, Conner vs Buf (I do have Snell if he's inactive, yuck)

TE:  Cook vs Ind or Hooper @ SF

Def:  Phil @ Wash or KC vs Den


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Semifinal matchup....PPR league -  I got 47.3 points from Lamar Jackson last night and I have a couple of decisions to make.    It’s a big tournament, so we both own Derrick Henry.

Team I am facing has the following - 

qb - D Brees

rb1 - Gurley

rb2 - c sutton

wr1 - Tyreke Hill

wr2 - Golladay

te - Cook (Saints) or Higbe

flex - C Sutton

flex - Derrick Henry

D - Steelers


My Team - 

QB - LJax - 47.3 points

rb1 - Dalvin Cook

rb2 - Derrick Henry

wr1 - DeAndre Hopkins

wr2 - Julian Edelman

te - Zach Ertz

flex1 - Amari Cooper

flex2 - Cooper kupp or D Singletary

d - Eagles v Was or KC v Den


I am kind of struggling over whether or not to play Singletary over Kupp or Cooper.  While Singletary has a tough matchup v Steelers D, he is also involved in the passing game.  Even if he gets 50 yds on the ground, he could still see 5+ targets in passing game.  

I think Cooper and C Kupp are iffy...Amari is  going to be shadowed by Jalen Ramsey....Cowboys could always shift their targets to Gallup or Zeke.  And Cooper Kupp had a very low snap count.  With a 47 point lead, what’s the safer/smarter strategy?


Also, Philly @ WAS  smells like a potential letdown.  Washington will probably try to let the air out of the ball, right?  Are the Chiefs at home v Drew Lock a smarter play?


Finally, do I pay any attention to my opponent if he inserts Tyler Higbee in at TE in place of Cook?  I have Higbee as well and I could block him if Higbee somehow goes off.  Is that overthinking it?  

Thank you as always!!!  Appreciate the hard work put into the site!


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If he starts, I will probably use Conner in my RB2 spot behind Ekeler. Is Laird a better option than Conner? If not, who goes to flex between Laird, Coleman, Dam. Williams, Higbee or Pascal?

I'm using matchup dominator, but need to focus on upside, as I'm starting the week down 10

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Sig - Lamar Jackson owner in dynasty...  last night got me thinking about the value of Raven's offense to their QB.  Obviously, Jackson is special, but how valuable would RG3 be if Jackson went down?  Thinking if it would be worth rostering RG3 as a QB handcuff.   More or less unheard of in a single QB league, but is this situation valuable enough to consider?

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Hey Sig,

Trying to recover from the carnage of last week - lost Evan's, Alshon, Penny and Chark.  I need some upside after Jackson last night and projections have me down by 16.  

.5 ppr 

Winston or Kyler?

I need 2 put of Boyd, Slayton, Hearns, DeAndre Washinton, Latavius, or Perriman is on waivers.

Team 2 .5 ppr

Baker or Allen?

Looking ahead to next week and the schedule is not great - Baker has the Ravens at home , Allen @ NE, and I scooped up Brissett playing Carolina at home.  Dalton has Miami and also Menchew vs ATL is out there.

Goedert or Howard?

Flex Diggs, Singletary or Shepard?




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Sup sig, 

after losing Evans,  maybe Parker and TNF, I’m a decent under dog: 

1)need 2 qb: Wilson Wentz Eli carr

2)In .5 ppr: need 3 WR, 1RB 1TE and 1flex: 

lockett Gallup Parker AJBrown Pascal

singletary drake Sony Breida DWashington 

Goedert Thomas OJ 


Thanks as always! 

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Defense needed for this week.

* KC vs Denver -- D is coming on, but Lock looks good. Denver's RG Leary and RT J. James have been ruled out. If Fant is out, I'd be more interested in KC. And maybe snow as well.

* PHI @ Washington -- Hard to trust a D on the road who allowed Eli to come back from the dead and had Miami hang 30+ on them.

* SEA @ Carolina -- SEA with a long trip east. Allen has been a turnover machine, but SEA D isn't getting pressure and CAR has weapons. Clowney is out and S Griffin is questionable. Seattle attractive also because I could use them in week 16 vs. AZ and save a roster spot.



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PPR league. Need two of these three.

* P. Laird @NYG -- Should get plenty of touches. Could get even more if the WR corp is banged up.

* D. Washington vs JAX (if J. Jacobs is inactive) -- Great matchup. 

* K. Drake vs CLE -- First decent matchup in a while. Feel like he's undervalued even if DJ gets a few touches.

If Jacobs is active my choice is made for me -- Laird and Drake. If not which 2 would you roll with?

Note: After Lamar put up 36 last night I'm a heavy favorite. Probably looking for more of a "floor" play vs. "ceiling/boom/bust."


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Semis time!!! Hope you're still alive in most/ all of your leagues, Sig! Got a couple for ya:


League details: 12-team, .5 PPR, 3yr Keeper league (QRRWWTFKD)

Roster (tentative starters in BOLD) - currently projected as the "slight favorite"

  • QB: Watson
  • RB: Kamara, Chubb, Ekeler, Montgomery, Mattison, DeAndre Washington
  • WR: Nuk, Evans, Chark, DK Metcalf, A. Miller
  • TE: M. Andrews, Cook, Ian Thomas
  • K: Butker
  • DST: BAL


Question 1: WDIS at WR2 (injuries last week killed this spot)?

  • DK Metcalf @ CAR
  • A. Miller @ GB
  • Conley @ OAK **
  • Hurns @ NYG **
  • Perriman @ DET **

** If you think one of Conley, Hurns, or Perriman, I'd need to drop someone; I assume Mike Evans (not 100% sure he'd "officially" done)

Question 2: WDIS at Flex (like 99% sure Ekeler, but have to ask - unless you suggest i start both and bench Kamara...):

  • Ekeler v. MIN
  • D. Washington v. JAX



As always, thank you for the help & good luck to you in all your leagues!!

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Looking ahead to week 16. Which D?

* SEA vs AZ -- Murray has been turning it over lately.

* LAC vs OAK -- LAC getting healthier on D, at home, maybe OAK has packed it in by next week.

* INDY vs Carolina -- Not sure what to make of the INDY D after TN smoked them, but at home against CAR could be a good spot.

* WASH vs NYG -- Wash D has been performing pretty well. D. Jones could be back.

* NYG @WASH -- Don't trust this D but the matchup is there.

* KC @CHI -- KC D improving, but so is Trubisky and the CHI offense. 



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have another league I had a question on, but wanted to separate to (hopefully) keep things easier:


League details: 12-team, .5 PPR (QRRWWTFKD)

Roster (tentative starters in BOLD) - currently projected as the "slight favorite"

  • QB: L. Jackson
  • RB: D. Henry, Chubb, Singletary Montgomery, Mattison
  • WR: Tyreek Hill, Amari Cooper, Fuller, Mike Williams
  • TE: Kelce, H. Henry
  • K: Gay
  • DST: KC

Question : WDIS at Flex :

  • Singletary @ PIT
  • Montgomery @ GB
  • H. Henry v. MIN
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0.5ppr have a 30 point lead thanks to lamar... it's a two week final. is my lineup set correctly?

qb1: Lamar

qb2: Kyler

rb1: cook


wr1:mike thomas

wr2: tyreek

flex: chubb

te: higbee

bench or waiver options: DJ Moore, Dak, Mostert, OJ Howard, hollister, fant, njoku (arz terrible te defensE)


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- pick 1: QB

  • Tanny vs hou (Tanny on fire last 5 weeks)
  • Mahomes vs den (hurt, last 5 weeks avg 19pts)

-pick 1: RB

  • Jacobs vs jax (inj- may not play) 
  • D.Washington vs jax (jacobs status)
  • MG111 vs min (min D front tough)
  • Laird vs nyg


-pick 1: Flex (if Derrick Henry out)

  • D.Lews vs Hou 
  • Any RBs above not picked

-pick 1: WR

  • A.Cooper vs rams (DB Ramsey)
  • Diggs at lac (DB Haywood)
  • D.Samuel vs atl
  • McLaurin at nyg (nyg pass d dead)
  • Pascal at no
  • Slayton vs mia        

-pick 1: TE

  • H.Henry vs min
  • J.Cook vs ind (concuss, going off)
  • OJ at det (Evans out)

-pick 1: D/ST

  • Pitt D vs buf 
  • NE D at cin


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Need more than ever:

QB (3 pass TD / 0 INT)

Fitz @ NYG or Wentz @ Car


Rank pick 4 non-ppr (a few unknowns due to injuries)

Conner vs Buf / Henry vs Hou / Parker @ NYG  / Barkley vs MIA / Laird @ NYG / Julio @ SF / Gallup vs LAR / Boyd vs NE


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Lamar Jackson owner here preparing for the worst in the case where KC and NE lost this week and BALT clinches everything. Looking to pickup a QB replacement if he sits.

4 pts per TD pass. Everything else standard.


* P. Rivers vs OAK -- Great matchup. LAC look like they are fighting despite being out of it.

* A. Dalton @MIA -- Another great matchup, but do I trust a Bengal in the championship game.

* M. Trubisky vs KC -- Improved lately and is running more. KC D stiffening.

* D. Lock vs DET -- Great matchup, but do I trust a rookie in the championship game?

* RG3 @CLE -- Could just plug and play RG3 here and count on that offense continuing to roll.




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Hey Bloom, PPR league, which TE this weekend between Goedert, Henry, and Ian Thomas? With Philly down several WRs I am tempted to start him but most sites have Henry higher...thoughts?  

2nd league, have to sit 1 RB, also PPR.  Kamara, Lindsay, Miles Sanders, or Mostert. (recent stats say Kamara but not sure I have the stones to do that) What say you Mr. Bloom? 


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I'm scared. Opponent just got Theilen back. 


Pick a RB;


Laird vs NYG

Coleman vs ATL

Mostert vs ATL

Scott vs WSH


Evans is out. I shed my entire bench to pick up WRs since I'm worried about Parker being cleared. If Parker is cleared, do I start him over any of these options? If he’s not clear, who do I go with?

Pick a WR;

Perriman vs Detroit

Parker vs NYG

Pascal vs NO

Slayton vs MIA

Miller vs WSH

Williams vs MIN

Thanks in advance

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Thanks Sig,

FFPC scoring,

Need 2 of the following:

                                              D.Singletary @ Pitt

                                              E.Sanders vs Atl

                                              D.Slayton vs Mia

                                              C.Beasley @ Pitt

And 2 of the following:

                                              T.Cohen @ GB

                                              L.Murray vs Ind

                                              A.Peterson vs Phi

                                              J.Williams vs Chi

                                              DK Metcalf @ Car

                                             C.Beasley @ Pitt

And finally what would you consider the floor for Julio Jones @ SF this week?

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Playoff Time!

Need my WR3 and a flex.  Standard scoring non-ppr league.

Cooper vs Rams and Ramsy (has me worried)

Parker vs NYG - Will he be cleared

Mack vs NO on Monday night

Hunt vs ARI -I'm already a Chubb owner

Thanks for helping me get this far!

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Thanks a lot Sig!

PPR, the only two healthy bodies I have for my 2 flex spots are Dede Westbrook and Miles Sanders, here is what is on my waivers, can you rank your top 4 this week with a number next to their name out of this group:

D Westbrook

M Sanders

T Mclaurin

S Shepard

C Samuel

R Cobb

R Gage

A Hurns

R Jones

Diontae Johnson 

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another fun season, many thanks to you and Cecil. Always enjoy the podcasts. 

i'm a slight underdog and need 3 of the following WR's (6 pt TD and 1/2 PPR).  Cooper, DJ Moore, Parker and AJ Brown. 

at TE Hooper or Higbee (Everett is now been declared out). 

I'm starting Tannenhill over Garoppolo, thought I'd mention in case it matters on the three WR's above. 


Thanks again. 

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12 team ppr:  Pick One (WR) - Pascal, Fuller, Sterling Shepard

                         Pick One(Flex) - Conner,  ADP,  Sterling Shepard

                         Pick One (D) - Eagles D or Cheifs D

Drop the other D for a bench stash or use next week? - dionte vs jets, robby anderson vs Pitt, hurns vs cincy still out there

Better bench stash:  Jamal Williams, Mattison, Dion Lewis 

10 team no ppr:  Pick One (WR)  - Fuller, Lockett, Mike WIlliams

                              Pick One (Flex) - Ekeler or ADP

                              Pick One  (D)- Eagles D or GB D

Need a kicker who should i drop:  Eagles or GB Def, Fuller, ADP, Mike Williams


10 team ppr:  Pick One (TE):  Cook or Hooper

                             Pick Two(Flex):  Kupp, Singletary, Lindsay, Gallup                 

                            Pick One (D):   NE D or SF D

of critical importance:  Jay z or Nas?  

Thanks as always!

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PPR League. Looking ahead to week 16 RB options and wondering if I should swap out a couple RBs on my roster.

On the roster at the end of the bench.

* L. McCoy (@CHI) -- Not a great matchup and if D. Williams back I'm thinking the KC RB dream is over this year.

* A. Mattison (vs GB) -- Good matchup if he's healthy. He's already been ruled out for this week so maybe he has a high ankle sprain? Would make him difficult to trust next week.

I could drop both of the above for:

* B. Scott (vs DAL) -- Decent matchup. Doesn't look like Howard is going to ever be cleared. PHI down weapons.

* D. Lewis (vs NO) -- Henry hammy could act up. If I win this week there's a decent chance I face the Henry owner in the final. Could be a pre-emptive block.

* G. Edwards (@ CLE) -- Maybe they rest Ingram a bit?

* W. Gallman (@WASH) -- I own Barkley. Insurance and protection of a decent week 16 matchup.

Drop McCoy and/or Mattison for any of these 4? 


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