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Week 15 Questions For Bloom

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19 hours ago, hispeedthinmint said:

I need to fill one WR slot & one flex spot in PPR in one league with 2 of the following...

DJ Moore, Barkley, Hollister, Landry, AR15, Golladay

In another PPR league, should I go with Goedert or Hollister @ TE?

TIA!! :D


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Hi sig,

semi final do or die!

League 1: full point ppr, I have Doyle, Higbee, and hollister. Do I wait until Monday on Doyle or just start Higbee instead? I’m 25pts underdog by y! Projection (going against Lamar) so I need high ceiling. I’m afraid if Hilton start but not 100% it may cap Doyle’s reception upside but not really adding more TD upside.

League 2: ffpc victory points league final, 2 weeks final highest point wins, so I will shoot for upside. I plan to stack Mahomes with watkins and hope something close to their week 1 performance. If I don’t start watkins, my other options are Jamaal Williams, or Rojo, or Ian thomas (it’s TE premium league). What do you think?

also, pick one from DeAndre Washington, Jamaal Williams, Rojo, Ian Thomas.

in a few other ffpc leagues, I have both Austin hooper and Higbee, do I start Higbee or hooper in those leagues? I’m favorite by 10-12 pts in those leagues.




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17 hours ago, PinkydaPimp said:

12 team ppr:  Pick One (WR) - Pascal, Fuller, Sterling Shepard

                         Pick One(Flex) - Conner,  ADP,  Sterling Shepard

                         Pick One (D) - Eagles D or Cheifs D

Drop the other D for a bench stash or use next week? - dionte vs jets, robby anderson vs Pitt, hurns vs cincy still out there

Better bench stash:  Jamal Williams, Mattison, Dion Lewis 

10 team no ppr:  Pick One (WR)  - Fuller, Lockett, Mike WIlliams

                              Pick One (Flex) - Ekeler or ADP

                              Pick One  (D)- Eagles D or GB D

Need a kicker who should i drop:  Eagles or GB Def, Fuller, ADP, Mike Williams


10 team ppr:  Pick One (TE):  Cook or Hooper

                             Pick Two(Flex):  Kupp, Singletary, Lindsay, Gallup                 

                            Pick One (D):   NE D or SF D

of critical importance:  Jay z or Nas?  Nas - illmatic is on short list for best hip hop album of all time

Thanks as always!


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15 hours ago, Down Under said:


Non ppr start QB/Rb/RB/WR/WR/FLEX R/W/T/TE/K/D

Opponent has Lamar so we are now projected as 20 point underdogs

QB - Injured Winston (@ Det), Fitz (@NYG), Rivers (@MIN), or Eli (Miami)

RB - Mack (@NO) or Laird (@NYG) or Boston Scott (@WAS)


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12 hours ago, Clash of the Titans said:

Heavy weighted touchdown league 6 points per   .....1 point 20 yards receiving .25 a point per reception .....choose 3 of the following receivers 


Thanks so much and Happy Holidays 



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4 hours ago, kyoun1e said:

PPR League. Looking ahead to week 16 RB options and wondering if I should swap out a couple RBs on my roster.

On the roster at the end of the bench.

* L. McCoy (@CHI) -- Not a great matchup and if D. Williams back I'm thinking the KC RB dream is over this year.

* A. Mattison (vs GB) -- Good matchup if he's healthy. He's already been ruled out for this week so maybe he has a high ankle sprain? Would make him difficult to trust next week.

I could drop both of the above for:

* B. Scott (vs DAL) -- Decent matchup. Doesn't look like Howard is going to ever be cleared. PHI down weapons.

* D. Lewis (vs NO) -- Henry hammy could act up. If I win this week there's a decent chance I face the Henry owner in the final. Could be a pre-emptive block.

* G. Edwards (@ CLE) -- Maybe they rest Ingram a bit?

* W. Gallman (@WASH) -- I own Barkley. Insurance and protection of a decent week 16 matchup.

Drop McCoy and/or Mattison for any of these 4? 



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Ppr .25

- M.Gordon vs min or J.Jacobs (this morning indicates he will play) vs jax 

- A.Cooper vs LAR, D.Samuel at atl or Diggs at LAC

- J.Cook (Payton said Cook will play tomorrow night, Brees top 3 target) vs Ind  or  H.Hunter vs Minn (too many mouth to feed for rivers??)

* Snow in KC tiebreaker to start Tanny over Mahomes...you agree?

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Close week 15 PPR matchup in fairly big money league : 

QUESTION 1 - QB: Mahomes (Hand, matchup, snow) vs Tanny 

Of Note: starting hill at WR. A poor showing w that stack could be devastating. Does that add to Tanny's favor? 

QUESTION 2 - FLEX: Singletary (Matchup) Vs Mostert (uncertainty) 


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Here is my current lineup. Agree?

Qb, 2 rb, 2 we, te, flex l, def, k


Carson, henry

Edelman,  Sanders 










Sf def


Snell jr


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Good morning! I'm up 20pts going into the 2nd week of a two week series in my performance-based scoring idp dynasty league. Don't want to mess this up! Floor is probably more important than ceiling, given my lead. 

Choose 4 (min 1rb, max 2):




Hopkins* (no-brainer)



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I have sucked all year with starting lineups. Great roster but pick wrong each week


14 team PPR with 2 pts for TE Superflex 


QB Rodgers, SF Goff or Allen

RB Barkley, Elliott

WR Thomas, Golloday

TE Hunter

need 3 more of

  • Melvin Gordon
  • Keenan Allen
  • Stephon Diggs
  • Ian Thomas
  • noah Fant
  • mike Giescki 
  • Josh Jacobs
  • odell Beckham
  • kyle Rudolph
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Good morning Sig,

Please let me know which two QB's you would start.  Standard scoring, start two QB's each week.  Brady vs. Cincy at Cincy.  Eli Manning vs. Miami in the winds at East Rutheford.  Rivers in LA vs. Minnesota.  Thank you sir.

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One more question with Parker now playing. 

12-team, 0.5 PPR, dynasty league with large rosters

WR: I'm definitely playing Michael Thomas. For the other two WR spots, I have Slayton, Sanders, and Parker. Which two should I play? I currently have Slayton and Sanders in my lineup.

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Only question I have is at QB - Tannehill vs Garoppolo.

Edit: just saw the snow in Den/KC. Butker to the bench and picked up Gould though Koo was tempting too.

I'm already starting Henry at RB and AJ Brown in the flex so do i put more eggs in the basket with Tannehill or do I spread out my risk/reward with Garoppolo. Initial thought was Jimmy G but also like that QB/WR combo where one play gets you big points. Facing a pretty good team so I need to maximize points.


Tannehill or Garoppolo

Henry/Ekeler/Hill/Julio/Waller/Gordon/AJ Brown/Butker/Ravens



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On 12/14/2019 at 9:48 AM, the moops said:

I am not very good at this game, but somehow have eeked my way into the semis. 1/2 ppr

Roll with Matt Ryan at QB or pick up Fitz, Trubisky, Minshew, Carr, or Manning? 

Which 3 of Deebo, Thielen, AJ Brown, Pascal, A Miller, Conley?

Flex James White or DeAndre Washington? Or one of the above WR instead?


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On 12/14/2019 at 9:49 AM, winkdogs said:

Sig - as always with FBG in semis in all my leagues.  0.5 ppr, projected to win big post Lamar’s big night but obviously nothing is guaranteed - opponent has a good squad. Considering the projection and Jacobs’ status would love some advice.  

Need to start 2 out of this group:  Lockett, Jacobs, Mostert, James White.  


If I wait on Jacobs would have Cook and L Murray on bench in emergency (or waiver wire, tyrell Williams or diontae Johnson likely best).   Given headstart leaning mostert and white for floor value but seems too conservative.  Thanks as always. 


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On 12/14/2019 at 9:50 AM, VaTerp said:

Team is falling apart at worst time of year.

PPR and bonus for distance TDs- pick 2 of Boyd, Mike Williams, Shepard, or dart throw of Marcus Johnson.

For flex- any of the above or Adrian Peterson, Bredia, or another dart throw in Boston Scott.



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On 12/14/2019 at 11:23 AM, knickstorm said:

Bloom!! For 0.5 PPR league i need 2 of the 4
Kamara, Ekeler, Mostert, Mixon,  (and would i be crazy to leave kamara out? Burned me so many times I can see myself just going ekeler and mostert)

and for WR , 2 of these
Lockett, deebo samuel, Aj Brown, Pascal, Fuller if he's a go (opponent has watson)



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