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Dynasty & Redraft: QB Joe Burrow, Bengals

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47 minutes ago, zamboni said:

I think that article is a bit disingenuous to the Bengals. Every QB gets sacked from time to time and it only takes one awkward hit to create that devastation. It’s a brutal game and knees are not meant to withstand that pressure.

Having said that, the Bengals were clearly pushing their luck more than any other team with how much pressure Burrow was under all year. It seemed only a matter of time - and sadly it happened.


Taylor is running a Mike Martz style offense.  That offense was great for a few years until defenses adjusted and tee’d off on the unprotected QB. 

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I need to see him in the senior bowl to really be sure though

Yeah, if I can only have a QB on my dynasty team for 14 instead of 16 years...I don't want him either.

Someone is positing a Saints trade involving Thomas, Kamara, AND picks? If that doesn't work are they planning on adding a velociraptor, a moon base, and eleventy billion dollars?

1 hour ago, Ministry of Pain said:

 My heart goes out to the Cincinnati fan base, you all deserve better than this and should be celebrating Burrow, that plan is now up in the air. 

The only thing I was hoping when Tua was in Denver was that he wouldn't get hurt. He took at least 6 sacks in the game and he got his ankle or leg caught towards the end of the game, could have been really bad but it appeared he was OK, replay didn't look that good to me. 

Cinci and Miami both were wretched last year but Miami started to show some signs of life and the Front Office and coaches started building before the QB got here, I just don't see what Cinci did leading up to drafting Joe Burrow. You invest that kind of selection/money whatever you want to protect your investment, it's possible he shouldn't have started until they got the OL somewhat assembled, let Finley be the one who pays the price. Miami was running Fitz out there but if he was injured, oh well, he knows Miami was using him a bit to cover up a shoddy OL. 

Finley is awful.  His arm strength makes Dalton look like Favre.  It was disgraceful they did not bring in a veteran with legitimate experience at the start of the season.  

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NFL Network's Mike Garafolo said Joe Burrow's multi-ligament knee injury suffered Sunday against Washington is comparable to Carson Wentz's 2017 knee injury. 

Wentz tore his ACL and LCL in December 2017 and went on to miss 2018's first two regular season games. Burrow, placed on season-ending IR on Monday, tore his ACL and MCL -- a graphic injury that the CBS broadcast refused to show during the game. "There's a lot of confidence that he's going to come back fully from this one ... maybe not 100 percent by the start of next season, but perhaps on the field for the start of next season," Garafolo said. Barring complication, Burrow should be back under center for the Bengals in 2021 -- it's just a matter of whether he'll miss early regular season action while rehabbing his devastating injury. 

SOURCE: Mike Garafolo on Twitter

Nov 24, 2020, 8:44 AM ET



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56 minutes ago, Ministry of Pain said:

Booger makes his feelings known and says sit Burrow until 2022. 

He's also a proponent of Punting as early as 3rd Down just to be safe. 


Meh - he probably also thinks that Lamar Latrelle has a natural rocket arm.

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not that it means anything, but the physician that comes to our office 1x a week (huge football fan) said 2022 is best case based on what he saw/read.

again, doesnt mean much without him being able to see the scans and such, but that's his pro opinion based on the info available.

poor, poor kid. DRAFT OLINE ONLY FOR 2 YEARS

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Joe Burrow on Wednesday "underwent successful surgery" on his injured knee, according to the Bengals. 

The team says Burrow is expected to make a full recovery from a torn ACL and MCL. So that's good. Burrow suffered the horrific knee injury in Week 11 against Washington, cutting short his superb rookie campaign. Burrow's multi-ligament injury has been compared to what Carson Wentz recovered from in 2017. Wentz tore his ACL and LCL in December 2017 and went on to miss 2018's first two regular season games. There's a real chance Burrow doesn't suit up for the team's 2021 season opener. 

SOURCE: Cincinnati Bengals on Twitter

Dec 3, 2020, 2:23 PM ET



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@QuizGuy66 - more positive news on Joe Burrow:


Bengals coach Zac Taylor said "everything seems on pace" in Joe Burrow's recovery from ACL surgery.

“He’s been around quite a bit. He does everything he can possibly do right now. He’s adamant about that,” Taylor said. “I’m very careful to make predictions, but everything has been positive so far." Burrow hopes to resume throwing in mid-February. If he can avoid setbacks, there's a chance Burrow, who tore his ACL and LCL in December, can be ready for Week 1.

SOURCE: The Athletic

Jan 29, 2021, 10:38 AM ET



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