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Week 16 Questions For Bloom

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i like your choices. mw vs fuller is a toss up, i like PIT over BAL both great options, im fine with singletary over dewash, singletary better back, tougher matchup, dewash got fat on cheap receptions

I know we'll need to wait, but want to play out some scenarios to be ready for anything come Saturday/Sunday/Monday.  

Need 2 flex spots, in PPR:

Boone vs GBY Monday (he's in if we hear both Cook and Mattison are out obviously)

OBJ vs BAL Sunday 

Smoke vs NE Saturday

B. Scott vs DAL Sunday

Higbee vs SF Saturday

Mostert vs LA Saturday 

Have Boone & Mostert In right now. 

If we don't have any clarity by Saturday, wait it out and pivot to OBJ or Scott on Sunday if we still don't know who's playing?  Or just roll with Boone regardless and pray?

Finally a K question, stick with Z Gonzalez or pick up Bailey, Sanders or Forbath?

Thanks for all of your help and wouldn't be here without the FBG community. Hitting on Mahomes last year and Jackson this year was a huge advantage and allowed me to overcome my 2nd round pick of OBJ and 4th round pick of Michel and 5th round pick of OJ Howard. 


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Now Mattison has a chance? And now Cook is going through his normal preparation? Ugh.

I have to assume that with the lack of clarity on the situation, you would go with Ingram over Cook/Boone (PPR)? Unless we know Boone is the only one active before the Sunday games begin?






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STD League with 1QB 2RB 2WR Flex(WR/RB) K DST

QB - Mahomes

RB - Dalvin Cook / Mike Boone / Alexander Mattison ? (MON)

RB - Nick Chubb

WR - Tyreek Hill

WR - Will Fuller ? (SAT)

FLEX - Devin Singletary ? (SAT)

TE - George Kittle

DST - Steelers ? (SUN)

Bench: Kenny Golladay (SUN), Ravens (SUN), DeAndre Washington (SUN), Sony Michel (SAT), Mike Williams (SUN)

Matchup is projected to be very close. I'm really struggling between Ravens v Steelers but thats probably the least important start/sit decision i have.

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Need 1 WR and 2 Flex from the following:

RB options:


J. Williams

WR options (listed how I view them)

A. Miller

John Brown


R. Anderson

Do not have Cook/Mattison, so would have to go with Williams as flex if I pick Boone and he is not clear cut starter IMHO.


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Made it this far...

6pt TD, -3 turnovers, +5 300 yards 

        (1) Pick 2 QB - Winston, D. Jones, Minshew, Darnold - leaning Winston and D. Jones.

0.5ppr, +5 100 yards rushing, +5 100 yards receiving

        (2) Pick 1 Flex - M. Gordon, Mattison, Boone, Hollister


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.75 PPR league. 

I'm wrestling with AJ Brown vs. Lockett. You have them ranked one slot apart in the top ten, but the site consensus has Brown more like a WR2. 

Any reason to favor one over the other? Floor/ceiling disparity?

Thanks for all your help this year!!! 



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For all the marbles!

QB (3 pt pass TD and 0 for ints)

Fitz vs Cin or Wentz vs Dal


Need one, but please rank: (non-ppr)

Parker vs Cin / Conner @ NYJ / Laird vs Cin / Doyle @ MIA


You haven't been right all the time this year, but I appreciate all your efforts during the 2019 season!


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Need one for a PPR flex spot

Boone, Higbee, Le’veon, Amendola, Hollywood.

Would you go big or go home with Boone Monday night even if we don’t know have clarity on Cook or Mattison status Sunday? My opponent has Cook and picked up Washington who he’s likely starting over him.

Thanks for your help all season, happy holidays!

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Hi Sig, biggest week of the season, need 4 from the following:

Chubb - I know he's a stud but awful matchup, is he fully trustworthy over the other options?

Adams - again, stud, but matchup looks tough to say the least

R.Mostert (enough volume?)

B.Perriman (tricky as he plays Saturday, high ceiling, bust potential)

M.Boone (obviously only if Cook and Mattison looks to be out)

Chark (if fit)


QB - Cousins or Trubisky (yikes on both), could pick up Minshew or Fitz (gulp!)

TE - Kittle or Andrews (prefer Kittle generally but Andrews matchup seems better)

Thanks and good luck to you!

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Great season Sig, thanks for everything!

Higbee flex worthy this week? PPR, don't really have many other options. 3 straight 20 point weeks, hoping for a 4th. 

Falcons home versus Jags or Chiefs at Chicago. I know the rankings, but I'm high on ATL right now, especially in the dome against another Jags collapse of a season. 

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Hey Sigmund! Thank you for all your work! My question involves Fitzpatrick vs Rodgers. My opponent this week has Parker and looks to be starting Laird (bc I snatched up Boone 😉). My first step in this decision is the one-to-one comparison which based on Rodgers recent production seems like a wash. To me the tie breaker comes down to the question: Should I start Fitzpatrick to basically buoy my team if Parker and/or Laird catch TDs? Is this a good idea or am I overthinking it? Thanks again!!!

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Sig, 14-team PPR

10 Rush yds per pt

20 Rec yds per pt

6 pt TDs

25 pass yds per pt

Im rolling with the bold names, wasn’t sure about the W/R/T flex spot, and if Mattison practices on Friday or Saturday, do I go White and Mostert for my flex spots or try to get MAndrews in there?

QB: Jackson, Cousins

RB: Carson, Fournette, Mostert, Boone, White, Gus Edwards, Armstead

WR: Odell, Mike Williams

TE: Kelce, MAndrews

W/R Flex: Boone, White, Mostert

W/R/T Flex: Mostert, White, MAndrews, Gus, Armstead

K: Zane

DEF: Steelers

DL: Melvin Ingram

DB: Budda Baker

D Flex: Edmunds

Thanks for another awesome season Sig!

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PPR league. Of course, a MN backfield question. Two Questions:

(1) Which RB:

* M. Boone vs GB -- Has taken starter reps all week in practice.

* D. Washington @LAC -- Jacobs out. Had about 2/3s of touches last time Jacobs was out.

* P. Laird @CINC -- Matchup is there, but Gaskins nearly split.

As of Friday afternoon, Cook and Mattison have not practiced. Let's assume that Zimmer does NOT rule them out by Sunday at 1 EST.

(2) If Cook and Mattison are NOT declared out, and you select Boone above in (1), would you still go with Boone?  If no, who is the best option of Washington vs. Laird?

I'm favored by 10 with the likes of Lamar, Barkley, Ekeler, Lockett, K. Allen, Ertz, and Drake. Not sure if I should play it safe or go for the home run (Boone).

Which RB?



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D question. 

* KC @CHI -- KC D coming on. Trubisky has thrown an INT in 5 consecutive games. KC with a lot to play for. CHI not so much.

* Indy vs CAR -- Was originally thinking this was my pick, but after the NO thrashing a little gunshy. Even with a rookie QB, CAR has weapons. 

* SEA vs AZ -- Originally had SEA D higher, but they are seriously banged up now. Clowney doubtful and others iffy. Could be a high O/U. AZ coming off a nice win.

* ATL vs JAX -- ATL D a little jeckyl and hyde. If you get the good ATL D could pay dividends against a JAX team that could be playing out the string.

* LAC vs OAK -- Chargers playing better D, last home game, and OAK may just throw in the towel after that brutal loss.

Which D?


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Don't see many kicker questions on here, but why not? It's the championship game.

* R. Gould vs LAR -- Could see this lower scoring than most think. SF does have problems in the redzone though. Weather looks iffy...rain and wind around 13MPH.

* M. Badgely vs OAK -- Matchup is there for LAC to score points. Weather should be fine in LA.



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Hey sig

Championship game!

Ppr flex pick 1: maclaurin, metcalf, fuller, crowder or mosert

Do you trust dj moore or would you use 1 of the above aforementioned wr that you didnt pick for the flex spot?


Thank you!

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Why does this week have the hardest decisions!!

need some help in a standard league.


rb: barkely

rb: ?

wr: Mike thomas

wr: ?

te: ?




hunt, Michelle, boone

lockett, AJ Brown, perriman, chark

henry, Higbee, holister


thanks for all your help this year Sig!



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Full PPR.  Players I'm currently leaning towards are listed first.


Please pick 2 (WR2 and Flex):

Washington (RB) @ LAC

Perriman vs HOU

McLaurin vs NYG

AJ Brown vs NO

Beckham vs BAL


Also please pick a TE:

OJ Howard vs HOU

Cook @ TEN


Thank you!

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Full PPR

TE - Waller or Henry (Playing each other @LAC)

WR - Moore @IND, Kupp @SF, Thielen vs GB (Pick 2)

Picked up the Denver D and have them in @ home against the Lions. Baltimore is my other D @ Cleveland. Is that a mistake?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Championship Time!

Standard scoring, non-ppr league.

I need to start 3 of these 4 players for my last two wr spots and a flex.

Cooper vs PHI - Nothing last week; Dak banged up a bit

Robinson vs KC - Slow and steady all year long

Parker vs CIN - Only concern is how good Cincy defense is against the pass. Maybe nobody has had to throw much on them all year long

Mack vs Car - He burned me last week (lucky I didn't need it). Now he gets the worst run D in the league.


Thank you as always......

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Let’s GO!!!

Thanks  soo much for taking the time and wisdom to get me to the champion game!!!

Match even in .5ppr need 1RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1flex:

drake singletary Boone/mattison 

lockett, Parker, AJBrown, perriman, Gallup 

OJHoward, Goedert


till next year! 

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Injuries galore but somehow survived the semis. Please help pick from this pile of garbage! Slight underdog.

1 PPR, 1=10 yards rushing, 1=20 yards receiving

Need 3 of these RB’s

Cook, Mattison, Boone ( likely waiting until Monday night to start 1 of these since I have them all)

Devin Singletary 

Kareem Hunt

DeAndre Washington

Ronald Jones

Kerryon Johnson

Pat Laird

Need 2 of these WR’s



TY Hilton


John Brown

Deebo Samuel

Justin Watson

James Washington 


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In PPR and (4pt/TD, -1pt/INT), please pick a QB, Flex and Superflex: Wentz (considering benching due to injuries and matchup), D.Jones, Lock, F1, B.Scott, D.Washington, A.Miller. I’m a strong favorite.

Thanks Sig for everything you do and have a very Merry Christmas!

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you were right on the money last week! need the magic 1 more time!

it's half PPR

2 of the the 4 WR   Lockett, AJ Brown (he's rolling Tannehill at the moment), Fuller, PErriman, anthony miller

Pretty sure i'm rolling Carson, and Mixon, so only the flex for either Kamara, Ekeler, Mostert, Boone.

and Indy or Denver D this week?

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Good Morning Sig!

First off—awesome reference and discussion on the podcast regarding Jacob’s Ladder and Danny Aiello! That was a great conversation and made my day to listen to. Thanks!

OK two championship matchups:

1. FFPC so TE premium. 

RB 2 Boone over Bell. I think you agree on this

WR1 Sutton

WR2 Golloday, Kupp or Ward?

Flex Jarrod Cook, Golloday, Kupp, Bell, Ward?


Standard league with 5 point 300 yard passing bonus and 100 yard rush or receiving

QB: Brees or Winston? I’m leaning Brees as I think I’m a slight favorite but would love your opinion 

WR: pick two 

Parker, Lockett, Golloday, AJ Brown 

Flex: Fournette or a third WR from above. I’m leaning benching Fournette for one of the WRs.


Thanks Sig and Happy Holidays!!

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Scoring .5 PPR/ 1 point per 10 yards rush/rec, .4 points per 10 yards passing and 6-9 points for rush/rec TDS depending how long they are 

Pick 1

Dak or Cousins...obviously major concern about Dak’s injury

Pick 1

Derrick Henry, Stefan Diggs, DK Metcalf ...concerned about Henry’s injury plus saints run D also prospect of Saints getting up big like they did Monday night and Titans abandoning run. 

Thanks in Advance!


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