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We are looking for one owner for the original Fantasy Legends League I.  This is a PPR Dynasty league that starts 10 players - 1QB, 2-4 RBs, 2-4 WRs, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF.  This is a PPR league where RBs get .5 ppr, WRs get 1 ppr, and TEs get 1.5 ppr.  QBs get 6 pts per TD pass (see league site  http://www57.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/40891 Reports / Rules / League Scoring for the rest of scoring.  Also see Reports / Rules / League Settings for the constitution.   We use MFL for the hosting site.  This league is full of expert fantasy owners to test you if that is what you're looking for and it is and has always been a great league.  I have been the commish since its inception in 2003.

We're looking for owners who are into the dynasty format and not the redraft format.  We're looking for owners that will be in the league long term, not hit and run by trying to load up on just veterans and leave the league after one year, or owners who fail on their initial rebuild.   This is a very long running league that likes league stability.  If you feel like this league meets your requirements post your interest with your email and I'll be in touch.

The entry fee for Fantasy Legends 1 is $110 - See Reports / Rules / League Settings for payouts (at the bottom of constitution).

I'm offering this team with a $50 discount for 2020 with full payment.  $60 will be applied to 2020 and $50 applied to 2021.

Here is the roster and picks for this team with the picks this team has.



1.6, 2.6, 3.6, 4.6




Jackson, Lamar BAL QB

Ryan, Matt ATL QB

Brown, Malcolm LAR RB

Gore, Frank BUF RB

Johnson, Ty DET RB

Mack, Marlon IND RB

Montgomery, David CHI RB

Ogunbowale, Dare TBB RB

Peterson, Adrian WAS RB

Richard, Jalen OAK RB

Snell, Benny PIT RB

Amendola, Danny DET WR

Arcega-Whiteside, JJ PHI WR 

Beasley, Cole BUF WR

Brown, Antonio FA* WR

Erickson, Alex CIN WR

Gallup, Michael DAL WR

Kupp, Cooper LAR WR

Renfrow, Hunter OAK WR 

Griffin, Ryan NYJ TE 

Olsen, Greg CAR TE

Boswell, Chris PIT PK

Gonzalez, Zane ARI PK

Titans, Tennessee TEN Def





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13 minutes ago, DexterDew said:

i'll take it, just shoot me the info. TIA

I'm assuming this is Dexter from Deep End Dynasty and Fantasy Legends II.  I'll use your email from FLL2 to send the invite to FLL.  I'll also send you an email with my PayPal so you can send $110 ($60 for 2020 & $50 for 2021).

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