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this is me. i had to build em a house.     of course, i have a story about this - my favorite adult moment with my baby sister. sis & i are very different and she was very timid gro

I definitely have one but i don't use it all the time.  It really depends. When I'm reading i usually read at the pace that i can "say" the words in my head.  I can't just let my eyes touch the w

The voice in my head would have a lot more timeouts on this board if he had access to a keyboard.

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On 2/10/2020 at 3:58 PM, wikkidpissah said:

Allow me to use this to take an informal poll. i've long thought that voice-in-the-head, talk-w-the-hands and drive-to-work-without-paying-attention are interconnected and indicate that we each have a Caliban, a task-related 2nd self. Jung called it the Shadow, but also animated it with sinister implication and subconscious baggage, as Freud did his bugaboos. I believe it to be the creature within which arose from us as animals to ask "fight or flight" and has become the translator of our lower brain functions.

Anyway, i'm curious to see the relationship between the visual acuity and volatilty of the voice and gesticulation levels, so....

1) how clear are your visualizations? 1=clearest- to-5=vaguest

2) how volatile is the voice in your head? 1=loudest-to-5=calmest (0 if you dont have one)

3) how much do you gesticulate? 1=waviest-to-5=stillest



ETA: i am a 3-2(only because i do exercises to keep it from being a 1)-1


On 2/10/2020 at 4:21 PM, wikkidpissah said:

also, if participants want to list any possible synesthetics in their thought processes. synesthesia is traditionally considered seeing colors in music, but i extend it to include color-coding or letter-shaping of the +/- attributes of words & concepts

I have grapheme-color synesthesia (I see letters, numbers, words in color). 

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