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Government Response To The Coronavirus

James Daulton

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3 minutes ago, -fish- said:

So you don't go on tilt?   Maybe you need a safe space.


Here's a recap of what just happened.

fish and friends: House arrest for the unvaxxed!

LF: That is hyper-dangerous talk that would trigger a war if it actually happened.

fish and friends: How dare you threaten us!

LF: WTF! You guys are the ones threatening people. And lying.

fish and friends: Calm down, we're just here to help (by literally threatening your freedom).


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1 minute ago, timschochet said:

You took the vaccine right? Doesn’t refer to you 


Nope, this tim guy doesn't engage in hate speech (i.e. words intending to divide, demonize and demoralize sub-groups of people) at all. You people are incredibly self unaware. :SMDH:

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8 minutes ago, IvanKaramazov said:

I get kind of low-key mad when I see folks respond to certain posts, because you just know that it's going to ruin the next couple of pages.


Thank you. 

I know some enjoy the playground bullying of taking shots when there's blood in the water but please don't do that. A zillion times better to just move on.

If the person is posting things over the line, please report them. Way better. 


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3 hours ago, timschochet said:

If that’s the case then we need to force them to comply. What other choice do we have at this point? 


1 hour ago, -fish- said:

Isolate them.  Require proof of vaccination for every single activity outside of someone's house.   

You want to remain unvaccinated?   Sure.  Stay home.


Let's memorialize these two brilliant posts, lest they get edited or deleted. This is dangerous talk, and anyone who thinks these ideas have merit needs to start playing chess and/or look up the meaning of second-order effects. And again, that isn't a threat, it's a prediction. Highly advise you people stop dreaming about, and especially stop vocalizing this type of fascist nonsense. It's divisive in the worst way, because it's frightening and enraging to those on the other side. Nothing good comes from speaking it, and the secondary costs to all of us if such speech were to somehow convince our civic leaders to enact this would be devastating. 

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1 hour ago, LawFitz said:


Civil war beats a pandemic that has alternative measures of mitigation over your NAZI Vax Mob ideas? WTF.

And yes, I said Nazi. Why? B/c the #### being peddled in here this morning is ####### NAZI. Wake up.


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Timeout on this one for a while. 

We're not going to have posts here talking about


"Fortunately”,  most of those that pass will be the unvaccinated.


I'll ask the moderators to take a look about possibly reopening later this week. 

But having known people who died from this, I'm not sure I want it here at all if the level of "discussion" has spiraled down that far. 

Edited by Joe Bryant
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