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Let's play an online poker tournament tonight?


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It ain't poker but thought I'd post this here as we're all looking for ways to be entertained.

Whenever my college friends get together someone eventually pulls out a set of dice and a game of street craps breaks out. It's simple, stripped-down version of casino craps, no odds bets or middle action. You're either with or against the roller and the money on each side has to be even.

If come out (first) roll is 7 or 11, those With win.

If come out roll is 2, 3 or 12, those Against win.

If come out roll is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 that becomes the point. Roller then continues to roll until he rolls either the point (With wins) or a 7 (Against wins).

If roller craps (rolls 7 after come out roll) out the roll moves to the next player.

So I created a board on my ping pong table to track bets, here it is during a live game. I've been hosting games for my college buddies every Sat night via Zoom, and we've also had some couples nights with local friends. Each player has their own "betting lane", and everyone starts with an equal chip stack. Before each roll I take bets from each player and move chips into play to match, and move chips into the stacks of winners as points are made. Everyone has a set of dice at home that they roll into a shoebox in view of the camera so everyone can see it. At the end of the night chip stacks are counted, losers Venmo winners.

There's a little bit of a trust factor with this so I'm not suggesting this is a great thing to do with random i-friends, but if you feel like getting crafty and like to gamble among amigos this scratches the itch nicely.

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1 minute ago, CGRdrJoe said:

For some reason I can’t register for the nl tourney but can the Omaha. I get an internal error message and told to email stars

shoot! Keep trying. You got 10 minutes. 8 of us are in now.

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1 minute ago, kutta said:

I'm registered, but nothing is happening.


1 minute ago, cheese said:

Stars is broken 


1 minute ago, Don't Noonan said:

I am registered but table not open yet?

he might have set it for 9:05

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Weird, seeing the same thing you guys are.  I tried to manually cancel it but it won't let me.  I guess that particular tournament is frozen.

I created another tournament at 8:15 CST in 10 minutes.  Maybe that one will work.. 

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