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Let's play an online poker tournament tonight?


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2 minutes ago, Getzlaf15 said:

When I hit 80k for 13th place, the next hand flopped  8 4 9 with two hearts.  I had Ah, 2h, 3c, 8x.  Guy bets, I raise.    Turn is an 8.   Now have three 8's.  River is J, and guy turns over 44.  So gross.

Ugh, that is a pokerstars type turn and river.

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1 hour ago, Don't Noonan said:

Dang.  I was watching for a bit.  Saw you get down to 2k and then rally to 36k.  Then I got a phone call and wasn't able to watch for a half hour.

When I hit the 36k, next hand I had AA105.  Raised, got a call from SB.   Flop was KK10.   I bet, got raised and folded.  Just so dumb.

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Would love to have played tonight but I'm STILL connectivity issues. Had the AT&T tech in my place yesterday (again). Things worked great last night but today the issue returned. At the freakin end of my rope. Disconnect from Stars every 5 minutes for about 90 seconds. Have two choices: AT&T or Spectrum and I hate Spectrum. Someone supposed to come out Tuesday and check something at a nearby site to check for issues. No issues for 15 years until a few months ago. Sick of this ####.

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