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Startup Yahoo Keeper - 2QB PPR With IDP - $25


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2020 Gridiron Gang FFL Yahoo

This is an IDP two QB ppr league with 12 keepers for next season. We will do a slow offline draft starting as soon as the league is filled. We will have 12 hour time limit per pick. Having been through one recently the picks go much faster in practice. This league is $25 to ensure serious long term participants. Of coarse, in the event the season is canceled, the money is refunded. In the previous league we used apps GroupMe for league chat through our phones or tablets. It worked well. We can use sleeper app for the slow draft. That worked well also. Once draft picks are entered I will enter them into yahoo. At the end of the season the keepers have two year of extra season eligibility. These pesky details will be provided once you join. The intent of the league is friendly competition. First place is awarded $200. Second is awarded $50. We will have a separate three round rookie draft next season after the NFL draft. Waiver pickups are FAAB weekly auction.

If you are interested leave me a note here or private message me with questions. If you decide to play I can email you an invite link to the yahoo league.


2 QBs

2 RBs

3 WRs

1 TE


1 K

1 DT

1 DE

2 LB

1 S

1 CB

10 Bench

2 IR


Scoring is more or less typical but with some negative points for kickers missing short kicks. And there is return yards. There are bonus points for big yardage games for Passing, running, and receiving. On defense there is extra points for safeties and blocked kicks. Everything else is pretty standard.

Hope to see all you serious competitors join this league!

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