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6.30.20 Your Guess On Chances The NFL Gets In 10 Regular Season Games

"What percent chance do you think it is that NFL will get at least 10 regular season games in?"  

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This thread served it's purpose back in the summer asking about forecasting for the season. 

Closing it now. 

I'll create a new thread for NFL talk on how to handle covid issues from the angle of the NFL.

Anything else from mask discussion or society discussion or a zillion other important topics not 100% related to NFL and Fantasy Football, please take those to the other forums. 

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Just a headsup - Keep this 100% civil and cool here with zero snark or shots or victory laps.   

Is this a Political Forum thread now? If not, keep the Trump stuff out.

I'll say 100% for 10+ games. If it comes to it, I could see NFL players(and coaches etc.) being separated from the the public entirely. If the cost of doing that is still beaten out by the money made

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