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Constipated woman loses 10 years of memories after trying to poop

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According to China Times, her son claims his mother had been constipated for more than two weeks and became "very uncomfortable".

She came out of the bathroom displaying signs of amnesia after reportedly straining too hard.

According to her son, the woman could not remember anything that happened in her life in the last 10 years.

Her family took her to the hospital where a brain scan showed nothing abnormal with her brain function.

She reportedly regained her memory after eight hours, and had no recollection of not remembering those things just earlier in the day.


New thread; things that only happen in China?

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8 hours ago, jvdesigns2002 said:

China is kinda like the Florida of Asia. 


8 hours ago, Grace Under Pressure said:

Fortunately she wasn't severely impacted.


6 hours ago, Parrothead said:

she literally #### her brains out


5 hours ago, The Big Guy said:

Was her name Yu no poo?


1 hour ago, heckmanm said:

Xi No Poo


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I keep coming back to this thread, hoping to come up with a funny one liner, but I just can't seem to get anything out.

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3 hours ago, parasaurolophus said:

I often post/read on FBG from the toilet. Just yesterday i was enjoying the famous keith thread. 

Back in the olden days it was a newspaper or the latest catalog from Radio Shack.  But now that I am an enlightened 21st century man I also read and post from the toilet.

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