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Odaughter has raised this with me.  It’s pretty horrifying.  I told her it’s basically Slenderman, and that nothing she’s seeing about it is real (she was unsure—some of the stuff could be pretty convincing to a kid).

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My son saw it fairly recently, apparently it came on in between Roblox playthroughs or something on Youtube (I'm crushing it in the dad department these days, obv).  He was really scared for a few days after seeing it, like didn't want to walk to a different part of the house on his own kinda scared.  He seems to have gotten over it now.  

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21 hours ago, El Floppo said:

Floppinha was told about Momo by her bff whenever that was going on- and made the mistake of looking it up. Cried herself to sleep for a week. 

Not going there.

My son is almost 18, so he knows that he/she/it isn’t real. 

Ive seem a couple of horror shorts featuring it that were decent. 

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