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Best sources for IDP projections?


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2 hours ago, dbc925 said:

Yeah, I know it's kind of sacrilege to be asking this here, so let me rephrase:

Because I like to get opinions from various sources, where (besides FBG) do you find the most accurate projections for IDP?

Its not sacrilege at all.  FBG's IDP content has been getting worse.  It's not a priority for them and it shows in the content.  Projections is one of the bigger deficiencies.  

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Never have. Figuring out idp's reminds me of the old days of this game. Connecting the dots with snap counts, following injury reports of, your own,his teammates, and their opponent, and calculated risks against turnover prone teams. 

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I don't think anyone else does IDP projections.  There are rankings all over - FantasyPros finds a bunch of them... but FBG stands alone with season-long and weekly IDP projections from what I've seen.  That drives all their tools, which are also unique as far as I know - myFBG and such.

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I don't currently have an IDPGuys membership, but there was a tweet saying they will soon have have IDP weekly projections synched up with your league settings - sounds like League Dominator / myFBG with different people doing the projections.

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