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Do you shower at the gym after a workout?


Showering at the gym  

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You young guys are weird.  Similarly the old guys who flaunt it are weird - notice I didn't write "weirder."  There IS a middle ground y'know.  It's called "discretion." It starts with a towel around one's waist, dr-raped over one's lap in the sauna (while sitting on another towel), pulling the shower curtain closed ALL THE WAY, drying off IN the shower area (with curtain STILL closed), towel around waist to locker, underwear on first (prior to shaving, combing hair, putting on deodorant, clipping nails and whatever other nonsense some freaks like to do in the buff). Simple really.  I swear I'm not looking, but some of you young guys act like pubescent girls you are SO uncomfortable in your own skin.  It really does make me laugh to see the two extremes in the locker room.

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I'm an idiot...good call-out Pickles
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On 9/2/2020 at 8:49 AM, Nathan R. Jessep said:

yes, but I workout during my lunch break so it's as much for my coworkers' sake as my own

Thanks colonel. Your privates appreciate it.

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I used to work out in the mornings before I went to the office ... ya know, back when offices were a thing... and I would shower at the gym before going in (obviously).  

There was a point where I worked at an office that had its own gym and locker room facilities, so at that spot I'd do it all before going upstairs to my office.

Now the only place I work out is the gym, which is closed temporarily (I hope?).... so I shower after at my house which is a good 3 minutes up the road.

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