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Trade Sanders for Hill


12 team, PPR QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, Flex (WRT)

I was first offered Ekeler and Lockett for Sanders and Conner.

I countered with getting Ekeler, Tyreek, and Peterson for Sanders, Conner, and Lamb

Now he's offering Hill for Sanders.  Do I take it?

D. Prescott
D. Jones

Running Backs
M. Sanders
N. Chubb
J. Conner
T. Cohen
B. Scott

Wide Receivers
J. Smith-Schuster
D. Parker
J. Edelman
C. Lamb
M. Williams

Tight Ends
H. Hurst
D. Goedert


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You listed your starters as "Flex (WRT)" - does that mean an RB doesn't count in the flex?

The Eagles O-line is a concern so that makes me not like Sanders as much.  Most weeks I would start Chubb and Conner over him.  Conner is an injury concern.

I think you're weak at WR so I'd prefer Hill.

Thanks for answering mine.


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