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I really like how much he seems to just enjoy playing live, actually trying to have fun at a concert and entertain the crowd.

Having seen some you tube videos like Kiss Guy playing Monkeywrench and the birthday concert with all the guests coming out and playing their songs, giving over frontman status all evening (which is something a frontman never really does) makes me enjoy him that much more. 


Funny thing is that in general, I am not a Foo Fighters fan. I only know a couple of songs but watching these videos made me want to see more of them.

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Apparently Dave Grohl and I grew up within 200 yards of each other.  He was a year older.  No idea who he was (nor him me certainly).    Crazy that such a great musician came from the culturally lacking suburbia of Springfield VA.   Apparently he played in DC even when he was in his young teens.  NoVa had almost no venues.  I was probably wasting time studying when I should have been smoking pot and playing the drums :(

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