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Bloomberg Pays Fines for 32,000 Florida Felons to Vote!

Joe Mammy

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14 hours ago, Sea Duck said:

I see a lot of hand-wringing from distressed Conservatives here, but what I DON'T see are very many FACTS.

There are A LOT of unanswered questions to this story. SUCH AS:

1. how long has the nonprofit been in business?
2. does the nonprofit have the blessing of the state?
3. has the nonprofit actually paid off any fines yet?
4. does the nonprofit pay money to the felons, or to the state?
5. how many felons have successfully paid off their fines and registered to vote through this nonprofit?

and MOST importantly:

6. has Bloomberg actually done anything besides RUN HIS MOUTH? Has he donated a single penny yet?

The whole thing seems sketchy to me. I see an opportunistic "nonprofit" raising funds, and I see an opportunistic former politician attaching his name to the cause, but I don't see much evidence of anything else.

Watch the 60 minutes piece that aired just last night.  It focuses on the man who started the largest of the nonprofits...there are several different ones (ex-felon who wasn't able to vote for 30ish years, got a law degree and wrote amendment 4).  He started working on the amendment in 2014-15.  It was finally ready for a vote in 2018.  The people working to help ex-felons are ex-felons.  

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On 9/24/2020 at 11:37 AM, Stealthycat said:

(there are no ex-felons, once a felon always a felon)

Trump’s former campaign manager is a felon.

His former deputy campaign manager is a felon.

His former national security advisor is a felon.

His former foreign policy advisor is a felon.

His former lawyer is a felon.

His advisor is a felon.

It’s wasn't a campaign, it was a criminal enterprise.

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