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​ 🐘 ​​ 🐴 ​2020 Presidential Debates thread - 2nd Debate October 15

Sinn Fein

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2 minutes ago, Joe Bryant said:

Wow. Thanks. 

Just to focus on one exchange when Biden laid out steps of an energy plan:


"I know wind more than you do."

"It kills all the birds."

"Know what we're going to do? We're going to have the greatest economy in the world."



"Not one scientist agrees."


At least I am hearing a plan instead of empty responses. And for his challenges with stuttering, Biden has been coming up with cogent responses.


You might not agree, I'm recognize and am fine with that.

I am not judging how this is landing to others, just telling you how it's landing with me.

What I'm not doing is judging and saying "wow" as a reaction to your opinion.


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 Science over Fiction.  Good one.


Trump finished stronger than Joe.....but Joe bloodied him pretty bad in the early going.  Trump just can't not be a tool box....and that resonates with Americans.

Trump didn't do enough to move the needle on this one while Biden didn't fumble as he ran out the clock.  

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Stylistically each did what they needed to do.

Substantively with Trump it's about 80% lies 20% non-sense. With Biden it's about 80% empty platitudes 20% lies. So take your pick.

Overall the moderator did a good job. But in the only debate to include foreign policy it's very disappointing there was no question on Afghanistan.

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3 minutes ago, caustic said:

For sure. That Krueger article was fairly old, here's House testimony from an EPI economist about a $15 min wage specifically: https://www.epi.org/publication/minimum-wage-testimony-feb-2019/

By and large, economists have really come around on minimum wage hikes since the '80s.

I'm all for indexing them, but I'd contend even in cases where I might agree they should move upward, that it's a case where the benefit is greater than the loss situation.  I may be old school in business but I've always ran my company using the basic supply and demand tenets.  It just seems impossible to me that you could increase labor costs >100% and not have a labor demand impact.

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