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Official*** Thursday Night Football Thread - Jags vs. Dolphins - Gaskin/Robinson All Types Of Flavor

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Shut up Aikman

How is that Unsportsmanlike? The man is fighting for the ball in the middle of a pile!

The end of TNF blowouts when Troy starts  babbling is the worst 5 minutes in sports. 

1 minute ago, SoBeDad said:

Next TD.

Not tonight. The experts had Minshew the #1 pickup at QB. Hyped it like crazy. 

I've been playing 20+ years and I fall for it over and over. On paper it looked like a great play. In reality, a dud! 

My other choice was Brady, so of course he's going to go off.



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5 minutes ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

I’m facing Minshew, so yeah, thought it was a great call. :whistle:

Penalties near the goalline killing me.  Parker being mugged of a TD on one...then that to make it a run attempt rather than possible passing td for Minshew.  Not a good night for me

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The first couple weeks of the NFL season have made me feel as normal as I have in the last 6 months, except for every time they show the horrible “Fan Cam” which immediately takes me out of the game and reminds me how crappy things really are

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2 hours ago, Steeler said:

I don't like starting Thursday night players usually (unless they are studs)... started Minshew and Gesicki for the first time all year this week... not looking good so far :kicksrock: 

This is a reminder to never start non-studs on Thursday nights.  Minshew sucked ### -- how did he throw 3 TD passes in each of the first 2 weeks:?!?!?  He seemed afraid to throw the ball more than 5 yards down-field.  Gesicki had like 2 targets - fortunately one of them went for a TD.  Sucks to lose your fantasy game on Thursday night.

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10 hours ago, Ministry of Pain said:

Breida and Howard have combined for 6 carries and 4 yds and 1 score

Gaskin 14/40 not that good but many weeks now he manages to grind out yards and the other two simply cannot in this system...

Hard to get going when you get table scraps for carries MOP. They simply are not involved at all. And Gaskin is a great story.....but a highly ordinary NFL RB. Again great story and whatever success we get (Miami) I love. But Gaskin is not a long term answer at RB. We need to draft or sign a true 3 down playmaking stud next off-season. Huge need.

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9 hours ago, Hot Sauce Guy said:

Howard just grabbed his knee - that’s bad. 

Another contract that will kill Grier and his job status.

That guy must be fired before next off-season. A utter failure IMO. Spent money like a druken sailor this off-season and against two good teams this defense was absolute swiss cheese. He has got to go. Now.

In other Dolphins news.....Devante Parker. I was a very disappointed Parker fan his first three years. Then last season he broke out, played every single game. Looked legit. This season....get’s hurt again quickly (soft tissue which is his MO) but he came right back into the lineup and is playing “through” the injury and he again looks legit. He is a great talent we all know that. I pray he stays healthy. He has stud skills and I love seeing him play. Just please stay on the field and earn that extension you signed.


Great win for the Fins against a team you are supposed to beat if you want to be a playoff team eventually. However the real test for this young OL is coming over the next two weeks. And we will really see where we are at. (Most likely 1-4 heading into the bye week).


And for the Jags......what a find this kid Robinson is. Very impressed.

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