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Monday Night Football - Chiefs v Ravens - Pre-Game Chatter and Game Thread


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Just now, Ghost Rider said:

Oof, good luck?  I say take the loss and enjoy this show.  As a Broncos fan, the Chiefs winning is never good, but Mahomes is just too fun to not enjoy watching.

I also bet the chiefs +3.5, much more than the under. 

should work out ok. 

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Like I was trying to say before Mahomes made that rainbow throw to CEH, now Ravens need to run their normal offense. If you get stopped, you get stopped playing your game. No pass-pass-pass here.


EDIT: And a first play pass and terrible blocking on a screen.

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2 minutes ago, SoBeDad said:

Yesterday, the TV ref said that pulling the runner down from behind with the jersey is a horse collar. That was new to me. 

We’ve seen it before this year (the first TNF or SNF) but the clarification then was it doesn’t have to be inside the collar but near the nameplate. That one tonight was middle of the number.

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>> Horse Collar Tackle


Tackling another player by grabbing the inside of an opponent's shoulder pads or jersey from behind and immediately yanking the player down. Exceptions: This is a legal tackle inside the tackle box. It is also not illegal just because a player is grabbed by the back of the jersey or pads before being brought down. It has to be a yank that takes them down, and it has to occur immediately.

Outcome: 15 yards <<


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