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Monday Night Football - Chiefs v Ravens - Pre-Game Chatter and Game Thread


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4 minutes ago, SoBeDad said:

>> Horse Collar Tackle


Tackling another player by grabbing the inside of an opponent's shoulder pads or jersey from behind and immediately yanking the player down. Exceptions: This is a legal tackle inside the tackle box. It is also not illegal just because a player is grabbed by the back of the jersey or pads before being brought down. It has to be a yank that takes them down, and it has to occur immediately.

Outcome: 15 yards <<


Ok, thanks for sending rule. Looks like it is a penalty. Even though I don’t think that was much of a penalty. Seemed like a normal tackle to me. 

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Just now, The_Man said:

Now run the ball Ravens

I know the urge to take a shot but you actually don’t want to put KC right back on the field even if it works

Grind them down, rest the D, and play your game 

This. They shut you down playing your game, then okay. But stick to your identity.

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1 minute ago, chad in Indy said:

Or maybe he could throw it so the guys aren't having to dive and stretch out for every deep ball. You gotta put some responsibility on Lamar for the accuracy. He overthrew Brown earlier too. 

I agree on the overthrow of Brown. I disagree on the pass to Andrews. Andrews needed to haul that in. It was a great pass.

Overall Jackson is doing ok, there were some ####ty play calls on third down earlier. Hopefully they turn it up a notch and make a game of this. 

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